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I've finally posted my first story :D---well, the first chapter anyway. I've always wanted to write and publish something, and thanks AFF for the opportunity. Thanks, too, to my first subscribers. Special mention to @sandaragon for being the first to take interest in my story. Hope I'd be able to finish my first endeavor and that I won't disappoint you altogether. Perhaps, I should also thank GD and Dara for being my first inspirations to write a full-length story LOL (nope, nothing like Twilight though). And yeah, as I've noted in the description of my first daragon story, I also have to thank the shippers, the bloggers, the articles/sites, the comments for providing me with the inspiration. Same thing with the owners and sources of the pics and videos, which also inspired me on how a scene would play. (Wow, I'm thanking a lot when I've just posted 1 chap LOL... I'd better get going with the rest of the story :)





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