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  • Make an alternate ending for Sehun
  • Make a spin off about Sehun
  • let it be, I'm already satisfied

Personal Message

Please don't give me , I don't read them *But if you're confident that it's a good story, then okay*

I don't read yuri 

I don't do RP


And please if you don't mind, check my stories.


About Me

If you read this, maybe you are interested to know me better

I am just a normal girl living a normal life.

My name is actually Jane

My hobbies are :Watching movies and dramas, reading, and sleeping

My favorite colors are blue, yellow,and black

My favorite food/snack : Noodle/Chocolate

My favorite drink : Anything connected with chocolate

I have been into k-pop since 5 years ago

My first boy biases are Choi Siwon, Lee Donghae and Cho Kyuhyun

My first girl bias is Tiffany Hwang

My ultimate biases right now are Jungkook,  Yonghwa, and L

As for the girl is still Tiffany Hwang + Park Bom

My favorite boyband right now is : CNBLUE

My favorite girlband right now is : 2NE1 

My bias list:

1.Exo : Chanyeol

2.CNBLUE : Yonghwa

3.Infinite : L 

4. Teentop : L.Joe 

5. BAP : Yongguk

6. Shinee : Key and Jonghyun

7. B1A4 : Baro

8. Boyfriend : Minwoo

9.Super Junior : Donghae

10. BTS : Jungkook

11.Bigbang : TOP

12. U-Kiss : Kevin

13. SNSD : Tiffany Hwang

14. F(x) : Amber

15.Sistar : Hyolin

16.4 Minute : Hyuna

17.2NE1 : Park Bom

18.Miss-A : Suzy

19. Ailee


I don't ship any idol pairings, I don't like and yuri

So, if there is a or yuri story that I read, it must be a very great story!


I am crazy for dramas since January 26th 2016

Here are my favorite actors/actresses:

1.  Kim Woobin (ultimate bias)

2. Nam Joo Hyuk

3.  Kim Soohyun

4. Lee Hyunwoo

5. Seo In Guk

6.  So Ji Seob

7.  Hyun Bin

8.  Song Hye Ko

9.  Ha Ji Won

10.  Kim So Eun

If you want to know me more, just ask me at my wall or send me private message

Have a nice day !!