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1. How old are you? 
Sorry, I will not answer ><

2. Where are you from?

6. Why have you not replied to me?
Sorry, I take a long time to reply to messages on both and pm on AFF. Please be patient with me! 



  1. I do NOT allow reposts of any of my fics, on any other platform. Please do not entertain reposters.
  2. I do NOT allow PDFs of any of my fics, to be made and/or distributed around. Please respect my wishes and read online. I have made it public for all to see and criticize, and I hope you can support me by reading it here. Let me know of any PDF makers and spreaders, and let them know of my wishes please!
  3. Please message me on any reposters, problems with translations, PDF spreaders ... etc. Thank you so much!






How to contact me:

  • @blehmeh, AFF
  • @blehmeh2014, twitter
  • @blehmeh2014, wattpad
  • @blehmehblehmeh,

About Me

"It's about the journey, not the destination." - 150629