Personal Message


To Peeps of AFF!


Yo.. I'm Uri as you all know.

Apparently, I got a badge!! Which says I'm "century old" on AFF! :(



Anyhu~ if u need my help, i'll gladly help u when i can and if i can.

You may see me around a lot but i'm pretty busy.

So do ask me by posting me a message on my wall or approach me on the tagbox.


Anyway, Adios..

About Me


Hey Ya GuyS!


I'm UrikoSakura aka Uri.

I'm not a japanese btw.

I'm hybrid of few?.. U better ask me directly.

Go to

Hahahah... Promise i won't bite..

*wiggle my brow*

How old am i? Ask me directly too..

Where am i from? Hahah.. Stil, ask me personally ya.

N something that you should know about me.

Come closer.

*whisper to your ear*

Khunnie, Lay and Luhan are mine!! 

Huahahaha... Just..joking..

Oh and few more..


I'm just a simple girl that loves fanfics.

I started writing not long ago so my writing is not as good as some people out there. ^^

I rather read than write anyway.

Not much patient with drafting new fics.. (excuses excuses lol)

Some of you may find me on the tagbox or at my FB account, if u have added me.

I don't mind making friends so you can come up to me and talk to me if you wanna get to know more about me.

If there's any help that you need that you think i could help you with, just post it on my wall or just ask me when i'm on the tagbox. ^^

I'll help you when i can.

As, i am working in Cytogenetic lab, please understand that i might not have the time or the strength to do so much things, so please be patient with me if i reply to your quesions late.

I'm not a mod but i'm willing to help when i can. ^^

To know more about me, like i said before, just be my friend and ask me yourself ok?

Anyway, have a nice day and have fun on AFF.