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How should I continue working on my story 'How Much Is Your Soul'

  • Just keep uploading. You can edit everything once it's finished.
  • Take all the chapters offline and upload them again once their finished.
  • Leave the chapters online and upload the edited chapters one by one.
  • Do whatever is best for the story

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My fanfictions:

Finished fanfictions:

 1.   Another Heart Calls (Super Junior, HaeHyuk, fantasy, romance, seoullostandfound) Complete
 2.   Who You Are (Super Junior, EunHae, angst, fantasy, eunhaeholidays2014, one shot) Complete
 3.   Rainbow Eyes (Super Junior, EunHae, romance, HyukHae, eunhaebonfirefest, one shot) Complete
 4.   Home Is Where Your Heart Is (Super Junior, EunHae, fantasy, eunhaeholidays2015, one shot) Complete
 5.   A Fool For You (Infinite, WooGyu, fluff, slight angst, secretsanta2015, one shot) Complete
 6.   Still By Your Side (Infinite, WooGyu, fluff, slight angst, soulmate au, one shot) Complete
 7.   Peter Pan (GOT7, JJProject, fluff, slightangst, kidau, musicau, one shot) Complete
 8.   Fated (GOT7, JJProjet, romance, angst, contemporary, soulmate AU, one shot) Complete
 9.   What About Us? (GOT7, JJProject, fantasy, angst, sword art online AU, one shot) Complete

On going fanfics:

1.   Fires at Midnight (GOT7, JJProject, angst, fantasy, dark fantasy, romance, chaptered) On Going
2.   I Wanna Hold You (GOT7, JJProject, contemporary, idol AU, romance, angst, chaptered) On Going - This fanfic is currently an JJP Amino exclusive
3.   No Strings Attached? (GOT7, 2Jae, Markson, fluff, romance, soulmate au, chaptered) On Going

4.   No Strings Attached? (GOT7, JJProject, Markson, fluff, romance, soulmate au, chaptered) On Going
3.   Wolfsong (GOT7, JJProject, paranormal, fantasy, romance, action, angst, chaptered) On Going

On hiatus (will be finished one day. I promise!):

 8.   Don't Take Your Eyes Off Me (GOT7, YugBum, MarkGyeom, Jinson, fluff, secretsanta 2015, two shot) Hiatus
13.  How Much Is Your Soul (Super Junior, EunHae, drama, romance, angst, contemporary, chaptered) Hiatus
15.  Missing Piece (Super Junior, EunHae, Fantasy, Angel, romance, drama, eunhaedesire, chaptered) Hiatus


Fires at Midnight (Super Junior, EunHae, fantasy, action, eunhaewonderland)

Future GOT7 fanfics:

-   The Boy With 5 Colours In His Hair (GOT7, JJProject, drama, fluff, romance, chaptered) Coming Soon
-   Black Roses (GOT7, MarkJin, fluff, slight angst, secretsanta2015, one shot) Coming Soon
-   Playing with Fire (GOT7, JJProject, fantasy, fluff, one shot) Coming Soon
-   How Do You Love Someone (GOT7, JJProject, drama, romance, chaptered) Coming Soon
-   Masquarade (GOT7, JJProject, Markjin, romance, drama, chaptered) Coming Soon
-   Please Be Mine (GOT7, JJProject, romance, drama, High School, chaptered) Coming Soon
-   Acting Out (GOT7, JJProject, romance, drama, chaptered) Coming Soon
-   Piano Boy (GOT7, JJProject, drama, angst, romance, chaptered) Coming Soon
-   What Do You Want From Me (GOT7, JJProject, romance, drama, chaptered) Coming Soon
-   When The Shadow Falls (GOT7, JJProject, action, romance, chaptered) Coming Soon
-   In another Life (GOT7, JinYoung, OC, romance, drama, chaptered) Coming Soon
-   The Fire Within - Series (GOT7, JJProject, fantasy, romance, action, drama, chaptered) Coming Soon
-   The Story of Us - Series (Got7, JB, OC, romance, drama, chaptered) Coming Soon
-   More GOT7 fanfic previews (without OC's) coming soon


Future Infinite fanfics:

-   Domino Game (Infinite, SungJong, MyungSoo, Genderbender, romance, drama, chaptered) Coming Soon
-   One Step at a Time - Series (Infinite, WooHyun, OC, romance, drama, chaptered), Coming Soon
-   More Infinite fanfic previews (without OC's) coming soon


- 너 때문에 (Because Of You) by DreamHighX  On Going

Co-Authored Stories:

- Who Is My IGOT7 Santa? 2015 hosted with DreamHighX  Complete
- Who Is My Secret IGOT7 Santa? 2016 hosted with DreamHighX Complete

Who's My IGOT7 Secret Santa? 2018 BxB hosted with DreamHighX On Going

About Me


1. I like languages and meeting people from all over the world. I'm not native English therefore I hope you can forgive
    me for grammar or spelling mistakes in my English writing. I'll work hard to improve it!

2. I'm in love with South Korea. The culture, the people and the language are fascinating me. Since October 2011 I'm
    learning Korean.

3. I listen to Kpop since January 2010. My main fandoms are ELF, Inspirit, IGOT7 and Hottest. I like a lot of other bands 
    too (but not as much as the previous named ones ^^). (exept for one but I won't tell you which group it is ^^).

4. My ultimate biases are DongHae form Super Junior, SungGyu from Infinite, JB from GOT7 and WooYoung from 2PM.



5. I'm a hardcore JJProject and EunHae shipper~<3


    I love WooGyu, MyungYeol, MyungJong, YugBum, MarkJin and MarkSon too ^^

6. I love reading and writing fanfics.

7. I'm in love with Korean Dramas. My favorite dramas so far are 'You're Beautiful' and 'My Girlfriend is a Gumiho'. I like
    watching Korean variety shows too.


8. I use twitter, Kakaotalk, Line WeChat and many more SNS ^____^
    Here are my ID's:  Twitter: @EunLovesHae
                               AO3: TheNarratress
                               Kakaotalk: TheNarratress
                               Tumblr: EunLovesHae
                               Line: TheNarratress
                               Snapchat: TheNarratress
                               Amino (Im JaeBeom, 
JJProject, GOT7, Super Junior and Infinite): TheNarratress