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I am new here to AsianFanfics! I have been writing for a while now. I have most of my stories on Wattpad under the same username but now I am moving them here to share with a close net community of kpop fans and such! I have known of this community and I gotta same some of the best writers are here. So I thought why a not read the greats stories and get to know people. I will be adding my other stories soon. Thanks for reading this short message. 


About Me

°Ditched my exes for exo°

❀ Jiselle ❀ Leo ♌ ❀ '98

Kpop Lover, EXO-L, Sone, Golden Star 

No F**kboys Allowed → on-going
My Ex-Boy Toy → on-going  
The Love & The Hate 
Room #19 
You've Got Hot M@il! 
The Masquerade 

°One Shot°     
Bittersweet Rivarly → new 
After Party
Cosmic Bridge 

Four Seasons → new  
Forget ; 11:11  

 °Short Stories°
Finding Seoul 
Romantic Universe 


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