40 Questions for Fanfic Writers

Thank you to Owlrose for this great idea!  


1. Describe your comfort zone

I would say romance is my comfort zone. Romance is the one genre that has remained consistent throughout my stories and poems. There is something profound about this need to be loved and to give love. It amazes me how even when love fails we have this resilience to keep looking for it. I told myself from the start that I wanted to try every genre to challenge myself but romance is in every story. 


2. Is there a trope you’ve yet to try your hand at, but really want to?


 So I have a story in my drafts that is a reversed take on the vampire romance trope. 


3. Is there a trope you wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole?


 I couldn't think of any on the top of my head so I literally had to search online. YA tropes came up so I reached the conclusion that I wouldn't want to do the dystopian future trope. It has been done so many times that I wouldn't trust myself to effectively tell a dystopian story. No doubt I would read one made by someone else. 


4. How many fic ideas are you nurturing right now? Care to share one of them?


I have so many fic ideas that it is a crime. The range of ideas in my drafts are from angst to fantasy.  


5. Share one of your strengths.


Organization. Like every author, I have a notebook filled with ideas for chapters and new stories. I have also written interviews for my characters to understand them better (I love doing those). I did it for Room #19, The Love & The Hate, and My Ex-Boy Toy. Motivations become clearer this way. I also use an app to organize my stories when I don't have my notebook. I would honestly be lost if I didn't organize everything. 


6. Share one of your weaknesses.


 Consistency meaning I'm not consistent. I'm astounded by famous authors because they are able to publish stories on time. Maybe it is the people behind the scenes that are able to help authors remain on track. Most of the time, I'm one person so it is difficult to be consistent.  


7. Share a snippet from one of your favorite pieces of prose you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.


[Snippet from Muse]

Words of many variations, like people.
Simple yet infinitely complex.
Meaningful all in one.
Muse is like you.
An inspiration of the self.
A journey of its own making.
I muse over you like I do my self.
I discover what I couldn't see,
A variation to the character of me
And muse.


I'm proud of this piece of prose because it is basically combining three meanings of one word. It is rare for me to create a mixage of words that lead back to one word. The even deeper meaning behind this prose is that the word came to mind when I was talking to my boyfriend about writing a collection of poems. In a way, he was my muse for this since he helped jumpstart my journey back to writing. Our brand new relationship came with a lot of inspiration and self-reflection. This is where the other meaning of muse worked into this. The original origin of muse was automatically connected to the Greek muses. I'm proud of how it flows but also the emotional aspect it reminds me of. 


8. Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.


[Snippet from My Ex-Boy Toy]


Ever since he walked back into my life everything has fallen apart. 


"I hate you." I blurt out. "Everything...is your fault. Ever since you kissed me. The good things have gone away..." I feel tears on the brim of my eyes. 


He stands dumbfounded. The first time I have seen him speechless. 


"Just leave me alone." I trip over my feet. He takes hold of my waist. His touch burning my skin. 


Reminding me that all this time Chanyeol's touches didn't feel like this. The flash of the lights hits the both of us. 


"Why can't you leave?" I whisper under my breath, defeated. We parted ways a long time ago. I thought I would never have to see his face again until he appeared with Taeyeon. My one and only sister to marry him. It was a cruel twist. 


"Let me go." I hit my balled-up fists against his chest, he doesn't move an inch. "It's not like before...You don't understand, Baek! I don't feel anything! I saw him with another girl, but my heart didn't break! My own boyfriend cheating, and I didn't give a . What's wrong with me..." 




"All because of you, . All because of you..." The uninvited feelings came back and made my life complicated. It was so easy for him to take everything. 


I try to pull my wrist free. Instead he tugs me forward into his arms. His hand slowly my hair. 


"I'm sorry." He whispers near my ear. Don't say sorry when you're not. I move away to look at his face that was hidden until the light shined on his face. 


His features were made into a serious expression. No single smirk lining his lips or eyes filled with mischief. He hasn't looked at me this way in a long time. 


"Seoyeon?" His eyebrows knitted together. Don't say my name. Stop looking at me like that. 


"We need to get you home-" Before either of us knew it, my lips were firmly pressed against his. My mind fogged by the contents that are spreading through my veins. I did what I knew I shouldn't do. I gave in to my feelings. 


The difference between right and wrong were lost. "Seoyeon..." Baekhyun breaths against my lips. He pulls slightly away from me. "We can't do this." 


"Why?" It was so easy for him before and suddenly it wasn't. 


"Because you aren't yourself right now." 


Looking into his eyes there were many emotions within them. It was more than just that. 


"Can we leave?" I didn't want to be here anymore. Being in this place was only hurting me. "I want to go home."


He nods and walks beside me with his hand around my waist. He keeps me steady as we move through the crowd




I’m proud of this of this dialogue because it perfectly reveals the vulnerability that is underlying the characters. Seoyeon up to this point has been trying to keep herself together since she saw Baekhyun again. Her life feels like it is crashing down in front of her eyes. She has been drinking herself away and blurts out everything she feels to Baekhyun. This is the first time you catch a glimpse of their feelings for each other. Seoyeon hasn’t forgotten Baekhyun and Baekhyun still cares about Seoyeon. Despite, the situation at hand it is still there. 


9. Which fic has been the hardest to write?


I hate to say it but No F**kboys Allowed has been the hardest on-going work to write. I usually write in a female perspective and this is a guy’s perspective. It is hard sometimes to get into the mindset of a man. It is both a fun and frustrating experience. It needs to be done lol easy isn't fun. 


10. Which fic has been the easiest to write?


I would say nothing is ever easy. The fic that was completed with the most ease is The Love & The Hate. For the most part, I knew what the beginning and ending was going to look like. 



11. Is writing your passion or just a fun hobby?


 Writing is a passion. I’ve been writing poetry for as long as I could remember. It is how I make sense of myself and others. I can’t imagine stopping. I might not post forever but I will always do it just for myself. 


12. Is there a moment above all others that inspires you just a little bit more?


 It is not a moment that inspires me, it is a series of moments. It is like a building block. I draw inspiration from daily life. 


13. What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever come across?


 This advice wasn't explicitly said to me. I learned  from watching other authors, specifically Korean Manhwa writers. The advice of writing interview questions for characters. I have pages and pages in my notebook dedicated to interviewing characters from Room #19, My Ex-Boy Toy, and No F**kboys Allowed. It is a great way to understand the characters better and expand the characterizations.   


14. What’s the worst writing advice you’ve ever come across?


The least helpful I got from someone that is the you should write at your own pace. While I think this is true, this advice is not helpful when it comes to keeping interest in your story. If the story isn’t updated often then people start to forget the story and what is going with the plot. I’ve been guilty of this as both a reader and writer. It is vital to update often to keep the interest. 



15. If you could choose one of your fics to be filmed, which would you choose?


I would choose Room #19 but My Ex-Boy Toy is a close second.  


16. If you only could write one pairing for the rest of your life, which pairing would it be?


No question, it would be Seoyeon and Baekhyun. I love them both. 


17. Do you write your story from start to finish, or do you write the scenes out of order?


I have tried both methods. The most effective method is from start to finish. I stress out too much writing out of order.  


18. Do you use any tools, like worksheets or outlines?


 Not really. If I am having a really hard time with new plotlines I use outlines but very rarely. 


19. Stephen King once said that his muse is a man who lives in the basement. Do you have a muse?


My muse is the reader. I try to write in the perspective of the writer and reader. If I’m excited about what I’ve written then I feel that the reader will be as well.  


20. Describe your perfect writing conditions.


 I actually described my perfect writing conditions in my new poetry collection called Muse. The first chapter is about the experience of being able to just write like nothing is holding you back. 


21. How many times do you usually revise your fic/chapter before posting?


Oh my. I think I revise each chapter around 20 times. Whole fics are more than 20 times. Before I post anything it has to feel right to me. 


22. Choose a passage from one of your earlier fics and edit it into your current writing style.


[Passage from The Masquerade]


The Night of the 31st in 1992 


She ran through the dark woods, heart pumping to no ends in the dead of night. She was wearing a beautiful black gown that was now shredding tp pieces by the seams bit by bit along the brushes. She winces as another tree branch tears at her delicate skin. She can feel drops of blood searing out of her skin. 


She had no clue as to where she was headed, all she knew was that she couldn’t stop running no matter how much her legs were screaming for her stop. She desperately needed to find help, people. 


She hid behind a tree once she heard the women shouting her name. Her footsteps softly stepping on the leaves from the trees above.


She digs her nails into her clenching hands once the sound of footsteps stops. Silent tears start to stream down the girl's cheeks as she tried to keep myself calm and quiet.


She caresses the small bump that has been growing for the past few weeks. Reminiscing about all the memories of pure bliss and utter sorrow in her life.


She knew that it wasn't long until everything was over. Yet she wanted to keep fighting for herself and her unborn child. A loud cracking echoed throughout the entire forest. Her body shivered as the women chanted her name over and over.


Fear consumed her entire body to the point that she was unable to move or breath. There was nowhere left to run anymore as a sharp, cold blade came into contact with her skin. Gasping at the coldness, the women whispered into her ear, "Found you." The women sweeps the blade across her neck effortlessly.


The girl watched in horror, the women giggling hysterically at her struggling to cover the blood gushing from her wound.


The girl fell onto the icy earth, staring up at the moon one last time. Her world was fading away, her eye lids get heavier. 


The girl muttered the name of the only person she ever loved, "Kyungsoo..."


One last tear that would never be wiped away from her cheek.




The Morning of the 31st 2016


"Yuna!" Someone shouted in the distance. I looked back to see who was calling my name from down the hallway I can see my friend, Hyejeong, wearing dark blue straight pants paired with a black hoodie over an olive green crop top. That girl seriously has a good pair of lungs. 


I stop and wait for her to catch up to me. She runs to me waving her new iPhone around in her hand. I couldn't help giggling at her excitement. She sure has a flare for dramatics.  "Yuna…” She takes a deep breath, “I've got...exciting...news."


"Here." She pushes her phone into my hands as she takes a second to catch her breath. The phone screen is completely covered with a black and white e-invitation with fancy lettering spelling out: 


You are cordially invited to the annual 

Masquerade Ball 


October 31st 6’clock


My eyes wandered to bottom of the screen, this wasn't any party it was an exclusive one with only VIP guests.


No surprise considering who the organizers of the party were, the most prominent sons of wealthiest families in Seoul. Who were also known as EXO.


"How did you get invited?" I lifted my eyes up to her, "EXO don't just invite anyone to their soirées."


She bit her lower lip, "Remember when I told you I had a new older step-brother."


I eyed her as she checked for people around where we were standing, "Yeah..." How's her step brother relevant?


"He's Park Chanyeol's friend." She whispered then smiled. "He got me in for this party"


"Interesting, Are you going?" I gave her back the phone. I wasn’t interested in the whole exclusive factor of the party much less the Halloween part of it. Sure, it was cool that Hyejeong got invited to the party. I’m happy for her that she is able to go after years of wishing she could. 


falls apage, "What are you talking about if I'm going? You're my plus one!" Hyejeong states as if it is a written rule in her book. My books almost slip out of my hands. You've got to be kidding me.


"What? But you know that I don’t celebrate Halloween." I pouted. For years I never liked the idea of Halloween. I mean I don't like horror films, scary masks, ghosts, spiders, and reading scary stories. Halloween promotes all of those things so I don't care to celebrate it.


When Halloween does come around each year, most of time I just stay in for the night watching comedy films in my apartment. I don't really know why I repel Halloween but for as long as I could remember I didn't like it.


Back before my mother passed she told me that when I was younger I would have these horrible night terrors on Halloween...only on Halloween.


Even though I can't recall what those night terrors were about she said that when they occurred I'd wake up screaming an unfamiliar name.


"Please go this one time with me. Choa can't go with me. She is busy with that new school drama production." Hyejeong pleaded.


Hyejeong doesn't actually know about my little phobia of Halloween even though she is a close friend of mine. I haven't informed anyone that I am Samhanphobic since children are commonly the ones that have this fear.


I just tell friends that I don't celebrate it which keeps people from prying on my life. I don't plan on telling her anytime soon or anyone for that matter. I know that I need to get over this phobia eventually especially since I’m getting too old to be having this problem. Maybe it won’t be too bad to go with her. If it gets to be too much I can always leave if I want. Maybe today is the day to get over this embarrassing fear.


"Okay I will go with you but I don't want to stay out late, we have to leave before dark." I explain firmly. 


"Yeah, yeah whatever." She gathered me into a bear hug. 


“I’m being ser--”


"Thank you!” She cuts me off. She releases me from her embrace and intertwines our arms. Hyejeong follows me as I continues to walk to my next class. 


"Are you inviting anyone else to go with us? The invitation says you can bring along two other people."


"Hyejeong! Here is your History notebook." Mina interrupted our conversation.


Hyejeong's face light up, I know what that face means, "Mina! Thank you!" Hyejeong nudged me, winking at me.


"Umm...Mina do you want to go to a party with us tonight?" Excited in her shoes.


"S-sure" She agreed as if she was freaked out by Hyejeong’s sudden excitement. "Who's party is it?" Mina's eyes shifted between the two of us. 


"Those guys that call themselves EXO."


"For reals!” She shouts then lowers her voice to a whisper. “How did you get invited?" 


"Why are you whispering?" She looked around for anyone in the halls, "Because usually the reason why people get invited are because they you k-know...g-gave them you know...something in return." Mina's voice got lower as her face reddened.


"Mina! Bite your tongue! Where did you hear that from?" Hyejeong shouted, completely throwing the supposive secrecy out of the window with everyone's eyes on us. 


"Hyejeong." I nudged her, gesturing to the people around us watching.


"My brother got me invited."


"Oh s-sorry" Mina rubbed her hands together. 


"Those are just rumors. Trust me I know..." Hyejeong explained to the other girl.


"I mean it wouldn't be completely false." A guy appeared out of nowhere. "You could be invited to anything with just a little fav-" The guy said checking out Hyejeong from head to toe.


"Funny." Hyejeong said with a stoic expression.


He smirked wrapping his arm around her shoulders. 


"Stop playing around." Hyejeong hit the guy’s arm hard. 


"Ow! I was kidding."


"Yeah, right. You’re such a player. Anyways what did you want?" She went straight to the point, 


"You, babe." She rolls her eyes. 


"Stop kidding yourself, Jongin. I'm not interested." Jongin? Where have I heard that name before?


"Your brother wants you."


"I will go in right now. Just give me a minute."


"Alright, well I will see you ladies later at the party." That Jongin guy playfully smirked before walking away.


"Okay, so I have to go. I will meet up with you guys later." She waved goodbye to us. Once she is gone Mina and I walk into class together.


Halfway through the class, I realized that I haven’t heard a thing my professor has said. I try to pay attention but all I can think about is how the party is going to be. I chew at my fingernails as I tap on my phone screen to view the time. I felt this sinking feeling in my stomach. Maybe I shouldn’t have agreed to go. It was impulsive to say yes.  


"Yuna" I jumped a little in my seat when my partner tapped my shoulder, "Are you okay? You're trembling."


"Sorry..." I rub my forehead. Even if I said I was alright I don't know if I can go to the party if this is how I am acting hours before it has even started.


I already said I would go. I have to face up to my fears.


“You can do this, Yuna.” I mumble to myself. I take a deep breath. 


No turning back now. 




I decided to edit this passage because for one this story has AOA in it. A lot of things have changed for AOA since I wrote this back in 2016. I might have to change a few things to update it to what we know now. The difference between my previous writing style to the current is astonishing. I didn’t use the correct punctuation in the past. I also didn’t write in complete sentences for some reason. Thank goodness for college. 


23. If you were to revise one of your older fics from start to finish, which would it be and why?


I would revise Room #19 because it was the first story to gain attention from many readers. To this day I experience joy and pure entertainment anytime I re-read it. I experienced so much growth from writing that one story. It still amazes me how Chanyeol just did a photoshoot and it inspired an entire story. 


24. Have you ever deleted one of your published fics?


Yes, I have. It was called One Chance In A Million. I only posted it on Wattpad. It is a horrible mess. It was my first ever fanfiction and it barely saw the light of day. I still have it in my drafts. I don’t know if I will ever re-upload it. It was a dumpster fire. I spent an entire year writing the whole thing. It was my first love but not my true love so to speak. 


25. What do you look for in a beta?


I look for a beta that is honest with me about the story and provides encouragement as well.  


26. Do you beta yourself? If so, what kind of beta are you?


Oh! Beta! I haven’t. I’ve read someone else’s story before. I gave both critiques and encouragement.


27. How do you feel about collaborations?


Collaborations are great with the right person. I’m currently collaborating with my friend Drama_Queen_Enid on My Ex-Boy Toy. We give each other encouragement when we write the story. It is nice to share the work with someone since there isn’t as much pressure on one person. I don’t think I could collaborate with anyone else. She is like my other half. 


28. Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much.


ToffeeCoffee - Need I say no more. Total package: character development, imagery, multi-genre, and intriguing storylines

PardonMyBias (Wattpad) - There is something about her writing that is so outside of the box and poetic. Honestly, check out her work. My favorite story by this author is Contact K.

SkyeButterfly - I keep coming back for those character developments and her idea of deconstructing cliches is every writer’s dream. 

Jongnugget - I’m a er for some good Kaisoo stories. I’m also a er for realism. The characters feel like real people. I love it!


More than three but there are seriously sooo many great fanfic writers. If I could name them all I would.


29. If you could write the sequel (or prequel) to any fic out there not written by yourself, which would you choose?


I haven’t felt the desire to write a sequel for a fic not written by myself just because i don’t think i can do the author justice but it would be cool for someone to write a sequel for that ChanBaek fic about Chanyeol being a king and Baekhyun was vessel for a godly weapon to keep the peace in the kingdom. 


30. Do you accept prompts?


Nope but this might change.


31. Do you take liberties with canon or are you very strict about your fic being canon compliant?


I personally don’t want to do canons. I do read stories that are canon. 


32. How do you feel about ?


I freakin’ love when it is done right. I can’t do . Hell no. 


33. How do you feel about crack?




34. What are your thoughts on non-con and dub-con?




35. Would you ever kill off a canon character?




36. Which is your favorite site to post fic?




37. Talk about your current wips.


My current works are My Ex-Boy Toy and No F**kboys Allowed. Me and my friend have been working towards the end of Boy Toy. We are trying to finish strong by making sure we wrap up every plot thread correctly. I think we should meet up soon to talk about the coming update. We are both sad and happy for the ending of the story. There is a possibility that we will work on some sort of extended project in the future for Boy Toy. No F**kboys Allowed is slowly coming along. It is a matter of filling the gaps between beginning and end. I’m trying to finish Boy Toy before going full steam ahead with No F**kboys Allowed. I’m releasing another poetry collection soon as well called Muse.


38. Talk about a review that made your day.


A review that made my day is one about Room #19. It was about how I used a trope to my advantage and tricked the readers. I really miss writing mysteries.  


39. Do you ever get rude reviews and how do you deal with them?


Not necessarily rude but an observation like a minor mistake on a story. I usually used them to fix the contents of the story. I try to think of them as a way to improve. 


40. Write an alternative ending to [insert fic title] (or just the summary of one).


I could write an alternative ending to a fic title but I don’t think I would change any I’ve read. Wait! There is one. It was a fanfic called Pellucid Existence. The ending was extremely sad. 


In a summary of an alternate ending (I haven’t went back to this story in years so bear with me): 

Sujin and Kyungsoo are able to separate Sejeong existence from Sujin’s body long enough to finally defeat Sejeong with the help of the students in the school. Her demise releases Kyungsoo have his ghost-like existence. Sujin and Kyungsoo are able to attend school like normal students again well almost normal. The possession of Sujin’s body by Sejeong leaves her with residual magic that she can use to help others trapped in an in-between existence.


This was a horror fanfic so I understand the point of the sad ending. It certainty left an impression on me since I still remember how sad it was after all these years. 



This concludes the 40 questions for Fanfic Writers. I hope reading this post was intriguing to read. If anybody comes across a type of Q&A like this, please tag me. Comment, Upvote, and Subscribe to get further content from me. See you guys next update!


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