Personal Message

Some deep that makes you believe I'm a poet.

(I'm not mean, just so you know)

About Me

____There's a bit much to say, but I'm pretty boring.


" My life could be

described in 6

little words;

gay fanfictions/books

and TV Shows. " 



> I'm currently living in France. (Surviving in France, living in my dreams.)

95 liner, which means I've been living inside two different centuries. If that ain't rad.

English is obviously not my native language so be a sweetheart and don't be scared to tell me if I make some big mistakes. 

I've been -truly- enrolled in the KPOP world since 2014, thanks to our dear Eunhae. 

I'm basically sitting my in my bed all day long and reading fanfictions/books or watching TV Shows when I'm not at work/Uni.

I'm an animals lover, and a vegetarian for almost 10 years now. 

I've got 10 holes in my bodies that are filled with jewelry. And 2 tattoos. (I said I was rad.) 

I'm pretty much obsessed with Disney, Dreamworks and all those big corporations that make the kid in me (basically my entire self) dream.


___________I'm losing control over my heart when it comes to some like Eunhae, Kaisoo, ChanBaek.



Other than that, I'm pretty chill, like some would say. (Do people say that in real life ? Do Americans really use red cups during parties ? Do they sing in class when Summer Time comes ? DO YOU ?) And I love people who understand sarcasm and irony. If you wanna be friend, feel free to talk to me, I'll answer, I love people. 


Ciao Goodbye, See you, à bientôt. 


You can find me on :

Instagram : DreamscapeTH

Tumblr : BreakingDamn

Wattpad : xPoulpy

Twitter : InsanePlume