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Hello lovelies!

You can call me Kimagi and you're more than welcome to leave your questions and friend requests. I don't bite. xD

About Me

I love SHINee and I consider EXO my babies. Don't ask me about my bias list because those idiots force me to change it so regularly, I don't even bother anymore. However, I can gladly say Zhang Yixing is my ultimate bias. 

I read almost everything, except for pairings and recently, I realized my aversion for any storyline that includes cheating. Other than that, I can give anything a chance.

These are some of my current jams:

How can you not love NCT's TEN? I can say he is my bias in NCT and when this MV was released, I squealed. From the aesthetics, to the music and lyrics and HIS!

I hate the lyrics of this one and the video bothers me in so many levels but the beat and vocals are so on point, I can't stop myself from listening to it at least once a day.


This one is just pure beauty from the vocals to the choreo to the MV. I can't stop listening to it.


Other than this, I really don't know what else to write here so I'll update this once I get an idea. xD