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I’m still busy with school and projects, but I still have intentions to continue writing 😄 I’ll be back when I can.
Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for you all and the support you’ve given in the time I’ve been writing 💞
if you've been reading kinktober series, please fill out this survey on kinks that you like + want to see in the future 👀
it's completely anonymous, and i'd appreciate it!
Took a short break from Kinktober. Meanwhile, my Winrina one-shot is now available for everyone 💕

FINAL (now open!)

Author: SkyeButterfly
A primer to Kinktober 2022. Released early for sponsors now 💗

The Midnight Agreement

Author: SkyeButterfly
Karina’s just so beautiful when she’s asleep, so she and Winter come to an agreement.
follow my gxg twitter if u want 💗 gonna be posting more abt my writing
(trying) to do kinktober this year, so submit some pairings please 🤪


Author: SkyeButterfly
A series of sinful drabbles for Kinktober 2022 featuring girl groups and female soloists! Contains /g!p.
it's my birthday wtf 🥴
classes start soon, but i plan on writing/posting the final chapter for "no kingdom to come" soon!!! thank u all for ur patience 💗
so here's that promised baekhyun f1!au 😳🥰

Champagne Rain

Author: SkyeButterfly
Sunmi has two rules as a rookie racing driver: go fast and don’t crash. But maybe she should add a third and steer clear of three-time world champion
thanks for this milestone! + read if you want to know what i've been doing irl lmao
In case you missed it, here's Ch.3 of "No Kingdom To Come"!! Ch.4 is also here 🤩


Author: SkyeButterfly
In case you missed it, here's the prologue! It's now available for everyone, and Part 1 is posted early for sponsors!


Author: SkyeButterfly
New Seulrene fic! 😁


Author: SkyeButterfly
Irene is an omega, Seulgi is an alpha, and the two are best friends…with benefits. But on some nights, when they’re skin-to-skin and mouth-to-mouth, I
i have a new little series for winrina if you're interested!!


Author: SkyeButterfly
A collection of drabbles written from one-liner prompts. Featuring Winrina/JMJ.
My finals are this week, but after that, I’ll be free from classes and back to writing!! I missed y’all 🥺
i have finals coming up that i'm studying for, so i probably won't be updating a lot until late mid-may!
i've mainly been writing some drabbles but haven't had the most time to write/edit big chapters 😬
i need to update my ongoing fics and reply to messages, but....
what if i wrote an f1!au / racing driver au with baekhyun 😳

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