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been very busy but still alive 😭🤡 it was my birthday today, and i saw that someone won the bid for one of my stories, so thank you for that! i will be back soon to update again 😁
I decided that I'm going to discontinue my long chaptered stories (ALLTTA & Champagne Rain). I don't have the motivation to finish such long stories, and I don't want to keep everyone waiting for updates. BUT outlines will be posted! +
After a semester-long hiatus, I think I'm back???? I recently graduated, and I finally have some time to write lol
10 years on of being on AFF 😳
I can't believe a whole decade has passed!
Finally posted this. I spent a lot of time in writing this with sources, so I hope it's helpful for anyone!
The final chapter of "No Kingdom to Come" in case you missed it!


Author: SkyeButterfly
Chapter 5 of Champagne Rain in case you missed it! Chapter 6 is also out now 🥰


Author: SkyeButterfly
i'm trying to finish this story before the 2023 f1 season starts. LOL. idk if i can do it, but here's a new update!

Spain (new!)

Author: SkyeButterfly
Merry Christmas 🎁🎄
i'm updating a winrina story soon 💕
i can't express how thankful i am for everyone who reads my stories 🥺 when i'm done with finals, i'll write like crazy bc i have so much i wanna share with y'all!!
The ending for OFTAU 💕

004 (End)

Author: SkyeButterfly
I have semester final exams next week, but after that, I'll have a long break to focus on writing again :-)))
A note regarding the future of "Our Friends Talk."


Author: SkyeButterfly
I’m still busy with school and projects, but I still have intentions to continue writing 😄 I’ll be back when I can.
Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for you all and the support you’ve given in the time I’ve been writing 💞

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