Crowdfund Terms of Use

By using our platform you agree to these terms. You acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms. You also agree to our privacy policy, community guidelines and any other policies we post on Asianfanfics.

We may sometimes make changes to these terms. If we make material changes that adversely affect your rights under these terms, then we will let you know by posting an announcement on the site prior to the changes coming into effect. Continuing to use Asianfanfics after a change to these terms means you accept the new terms.

Being a Sponsor

Sponsors pledge money to creators for creating content where you will be charged a set amount per month. Asianfanfics is not responsible for the quality, timing or legality of content or rewards.

To become a sponsor simply create an account and join a creator's crowdfund which consists of a monthly subscription where you pay creators per month.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Asianfanfics does not act as an agent between a sponsor and a creator and we do not charge a separate crowdfunding fee. Sponsors are charged directly by the creator and all subscription payments are immediately transferred to the creator.

Sponsors may cancel their pledges at any time.

Depending on your location, some banks may charge you a 3% foreign transaction fee for your pledge, which will be assessed in addition to the pledge amount. Asianfanfics does not control this charge. If you are located in the EU, then VAT is added to the total charge. Please contact your bank for information.

Since your transactions are directly with the creator, creators you sponsor are solely responsible for their tier rewards and granting refunds.

In certain situations you may lose access to a creator’s sponsor-only content, including rewards. These include when you cancel your pledge, your payment method fails, the creator blocks you, or the creator deletes their account.

We have no control over the quality, timing or legality of content or rewards. We do not collect funds so we cannot grant refunds. All refunds are granted by the creator. We do attempt to screen for fraudulent creator pages, but cannot guarantee the identity of creators or the validity of any claims they make. We will act quickly to remove creators making fraudulent claims from the crowdfunding program.

Being a Creator

Creators make content and create a crowdfund that allows sponsors to support them. Unlike other platforms, Asianfanfics does not act as an intermediate agent and we do not charge a separate crowdfunding fee. You directly collect and process payments yourself through PayPal (you can follow our PayPal Business tutorial to quickly get started). You are responsible for any taxes you owe based on the payments you receive. You must also follow our rules about content and rewards.

To join the crowdfund program as a creator, you must first apply through the Crowdfunding section in your profile. Once approved for the program, you may create membership tiers for your sponsors to subscribe to using the "Create Crowdfund" button in your profile.

You may charge your supporters per month and are responsible for granting rewards to your sponsors based on the membership tier purchased. The site allows you to grant specific sponsor abilities to each of your tiers. You are also allowed to offer other rewards outside of the specified features provided that you grant them to your sponsors in a timely manner.

We do not charge a fee for the use of our platform but you will be charged transaction fees by your payment processor. Separate payment processing fees vary based on the pledge amount and can also depend on your sponsors’ locations, since some banks may charge your sponsor a 3% foreign transaction fee for their pledge, which will be assessed in addition to the pledge amount. Asianfanfics does not control this charge. However, it may be possible for you to lower your transaction fees. See the Transaction fees and how to reduce them section of the PayPal Business tutorial.

We do not handle tax payments. You are responsible for reporting any taxes.

We restrict some types of content and rewards. You cannot:

  • Create rewards with real people engaging in ual or violent acts.
  • Create any content or reward with , or realistic depictions of ual or violent acts.
  • Use raffles, or any prizes based on chance, as a reward.
  • Create content or rewards using others' intellectual property, unless you have written permission to use it, or your use is protected by fair use.

Please also see our community guidelines and content guidelines for specific guidance in some of these areas.

If your potential sponsors are under the age of 18, please remind them that they need permission to pledge. Anyone under the age of 13 cannot have an account.

We are not party to the agreement between creators and sponsors. Sponsors must directly request a refund from the creator.


If we are sued because of you, you have to help pay for it.

You will indemnify us from all losses and liabilities, including legal fees, that arise from these terms or relate to your use of Asianfanfics. We reserve the right to exclusive control over the defense of a claim covered by this clause. If we use this right then you will help us in our defense.

Your obligation to indemnify under this clause also applies to our affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents and third party service providers.