What are some of your favorite fanfic tropes?

Just like the title says~
taengsicomg 2 months ago
*moderately happy. Not really happy lol

Soulmate au's too!! They're usually cute and angsty and they give you a high sense of anticipation on how they're gonna discover they're soulmates coz of audience irony.
And yes, superatural au's too. They make you believe you really have supernatural abilities hahahaha and I think that's cool
taengsicomg 2 months ago
Mmmmmm the sizzling slow burn tropes. Love how they push and pull you into being happy and being sad lol.
2 months ago
@MissMinew Thanks for sharing ^^
2 months ago
Oh, so many uwu I loooove the coffee shop AU, omg, it’s so cute. Soulmate au’s are also a fave of mine. Anything established relationship - yes pls. Strangers to lovers, love it! Honestly tho, a lot of romance that just seems to fall in place. I’m not much of a tragedy reader, got enough of that already. So when a trope is happy and lovely I most likely love it.
The family!au is also a favorite of mine. Honestly, many au’s.
Superhero tropes or au’s - again, love them. Idk.