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He's a criminal profiler on a mission - a revenge plot with no end in sight. She's a faded prosecutor who's lost and stuck. They find themselves in a battle royale of crime, cold cases and corruption.

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Beautiful Target

By bangdaebutt Updated
Tags  assassins   minseung   himup   bangdae   younglo   woochan   killerau   hyunsung   changlix 
Characters Jisung Hyunjin Bang Chan Woojin Felix Changbin Seungmin Lee Know Jeongin Bang Yongguk Daehyun Himchan Jongup Youngjae Junhong
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 8 subscribers, 600 views, 2 comments, 7577 words

A HyunSung assassin au no one asks for.

Halloween Special

By bangdaebutt Updated
Tags  hyunseung   bangdae   minsung   woochan   changlix 
Characters Changbin Felix Woojin Chan Stray Kids
With 8 chapters, 4 subscribers, 390 views, 4440 words

Happy Halloween!

Perfectly Imperfect

By bang_jung Updated
Tags  bangyongguk   romance   shounenai   dragon   blind   disability   bap   daehyun   shapeshifter   bangdae 
Characters Yongguk, Daehyun, Jongup, Youngjae, Himchan, Junhong
With 31 chapters, 42 votes, 15200 views, 202 comments, 152357 words

A flawed young alpha doesn’t think he’s worthy to lead the pack. Being a pack’s leader is not just by simply taking the role. He must prove to the rest of the pack he is the right person to carry the responsibility. When his mate comes into his life, he realizes it is all he needs to do that. He finally finds out how being deeply loved by someone will give him strength, while loving someone deeply will give him courage. His mate may also be flawed, but they are


By _AnonymousPhonex_ Updated
Characters Do Kyungsoo, Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, Kim Jongin, Minsoo, Minhyun, EXO
With 22 chapters, 7 votes, 165 subscribers, 2410 views, 35 comments, 119554 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Super Rich Kids

By aaronn Updated
Tags  angst   bangyongguk   drama   friendship   oneshot   sad   songfic   tragedy   yongguk   bap   daehyun   bangdae 
Characters Daehyun, Yongguk, minor characters
With 1 chapters, 6 votes, 43 subscribers, 2320 views, 8 comments, 19017 words
Status [M], Completed


By _razljvbit Updated
Tags  bangdae 
Characters yongguk daehyun and some minor characters and ships
With 2 subscribers, 40 views, 1 comments, 41 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only

And Then He Said Help Me Kill the President

By aaronn Updated
Tags  action   angst   bangyongguk   crime   drama   friendship   gangs   mafia   songfic   thriller   violence   yongguk   bap   daehyun   bangdae 
Characters Daehyun, Yongguk, minor characters
With 12 chapters, 3 votes, 14 comments, 48552 words
Status [M], Completed

Just a Wish

By DaeYoyaku Updated
Tags  yongguk   bap   daehyun   bangdae 
Characters Jung Daehyun, Bang Yongguk
With 1 votes, 1 comments, 77 words
Status Subscribers Only

Daehyun is really don't know if it just a coincidence or a fate that bring Yongguk into his life.  Though Daehyun is really not have any idea who is Yongguk since they are never meet each other before. But it seems Yongguk is know him well.  It's make Daehyun weird out. 

Itazura_Na_Kiss [Jaedae Ver.] [Discontinued]

By Eiqaenigma96 Updated
Tags  mpreg   romanticcomedy   banghim   daejae   bangdae   jaedae   sedae 
With 27 chapters, 39 votes, 240 comments, 116045 words
Status Subscribers Only

      In the romantic comedy story, a not – so – smart high school boy named Daehyun, finally tells a fellow senior named Youngjae that he has loved him from afar since he saw him on their first day of high school. However, Youngjae, a hottie (handsome male) who is smart and good at sports, r


By Bounce_Bounce1 Updated
Characters B.A.P, Block B, Mixed appearances
With 5 chapters, 15 votes, 304 subscribers, 3310 views, 39 comments, 22913 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Do you really mean it?

By Bounce_Bounce1 Updated
Tags  yongguk   daehyun   bangdae 
Characters Daehyun YongGuk
With 4 chapters, 4 votes, 170 subscribers, 1470 views, 18 comments, 3546 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

I Need You

By Yi-DeadlySin_Yee Updated
Tags  kwonjiyong   chansoo   bangdae   baeksoo   krisoo   laysoo   taejin   jinkook   markson   jinmark   markbum   kwonsoo 
Characters Do Kyungsoo; Mark Tuan; Kim Seokjin; Jung Daehyun; Wu Yifan; Im Jaebum; Kim Taehyung; Bang Yongguk; Kwon Jiyong; Jackson Wang; Jeon Jungkook; Kim Seokwoo; Zhang Yixing; Park Jinyoung; Park Jimin; Shin Wonho
With 10 chapters, 21 votes, 791 subscribers, 21740 views, 92 comments, 44607 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Useless Effort

By yaminohime Updated
Tags  yongguk   bap   daehyun   bangdae 
Characters Bang Yongguk, Jung Daehyun
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 340 views, 2096 words

"This is the last time I will make an effort. Wasted for nothing."

Ordinary Love

By DaeYoyaku Updated
Tags  jiho   yongguk   bap   daehyun   bangdae 
Characters Bang Yongguk, Jung Daehyun, Woo Jiho
With 5 chapters, 5 votes, 12 comments, 25304 words

Daehyun don't want to meet his so called crush ever again when he get to know he is being played by him. He can't never forgive his crush after what he did towards Daehyun, but he know that's happen to him because it's Daehyun's fault too.  What fate is waiting for Daehyun when he meet his crush again after a years since he had forget about him from a long time ago?        Main Character :  

7 Years Too Late

By UppiePuppy Updated
Characters Bang Yongguk (B.A.P), Kim Himchan (B.A.P), Jung Daehyun (B.A.P), Yoo Youngjae (B.A.P), Moon Jongup (B.A.P), Choi Junhong [Zelo] (B.A.P), Jeon Taeyeon (OC), Jeon Jaehyeong (OC), various other original characters
With 6 chapters, 4 votes, 42 subscribers, 2190 views, 18 comments, 26970 words
Status Subscribers Only

“So?”   Jongup glanced down, tangling his fingers in Youngjae’s hair and scratching gently at his scalp. “So what?”   Youngjae sighed contentedly at the feeling, pressing into Jongup’s hand slightly and not missing the younger boy’s smile of amusement. “So? Are you going to take the job?”   Jongup’s smile dropped into a frown and he glanced toward the c

Silent Sails 2

By whiteonion Updated
Tags  oneshot   bap   bangdae 
Characters Yongguk, Daehyun
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 26 subscribers, 430 views, 6 comments, 12357 words
Status Subscribers Only

Continuation of Silent Sails. It's pretty apt now that B.A.P is facing (almost beginning) a new phase of starting anew. But mostly because I lost the password for my previous account. (I am the original author

A Flower That Blooms in Adversity

By 4EverMyUlzzang_KHC Updated
Tags  angst   yongguk   mpreg   daehyun   bangdae   royalau   omegaverse   wolfau 
With 25 chapters, 33 votes, 462 subscribers, 9800 views, 113 comments, 104522 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

B.A.P OTP Drabble Collection

By bangdaebutt Updated
Tags  himup   bangdae   younglo 
Characters Bang Yongguk Jung Daehyun
With 5 chapters, 1 votes, 8 subscribers, 2310 views, 2 comments, 1614 words
Status Completed

I miss B.A.P all the time and I kinda ship BangDae so hard so I feel like writing fics about them even if it's just a drabble.   I thought of making a collection of Drabbles using my royal otps (mainly BangDae) as characters.   I am not a professional English speaker, so expect grammatical errors. -bangdaebutt

MAGNITUDE 7.2 (OUT 02.06.2019)

By next-to-hyukjae Updated
Tags  angst   highschool   tragedy   yongguk   zelo   himchan   jongup   bap   daehyun   youngjae   bangdae   daeup   sadending 
Characters Bang Yongguk, Jung Daehyun, Choi Junhong, Moon Jongup, Kim Himchan, Yoo Youngjae And More
With 16 chapters, 10 votes, 164 subscribers, 6420 views, 100 comments, 29282 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Such event never happened in a big and advanced city like Seoul. Everyone was caught off guard, Jung Daehyun included. The rescue team and firefighters were quick to collaborate on an apocalyptical


By suzuran Updated
Tags  daejae   bangdae   upcomingfics 
With 2 chapters, 370 views, 2 comments, 497 words
Status Completed

No one can tell the future, but I can give you a hint at what I will release soon.


By CinderEllis Updated
Tags  angst   romance   yongguk   bap   daehyun   bangdae 
Characters BAP, Yongguk, Daehyun
With 20 chapters, 12 votes, 75 subscribers, 3960 views, 56 comments, 40995 words

Yongguk and Daehyun, once childhood loves turned enemies, are reunited reluctantly in the shadow of illness.

Unspoken Pain

By J0kerZic0 Updated
Characters Daehyun, Bang Yong Guk, YoungJae, JongUp, Zelo, Himchan
With 10 chapters, 3 votes, 126 subscribers, 2410 views, 13 comments, 10927 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Coffee Shop

By _bvaux_ Updated
Tags  fluff   oneshot   yongguk   bap   daehyun   bangdae 
Characters Bang Yongguk, Jung Daehyun
With 1 chapters, 7 subscribers, 730 views, 907 words
Status Completed

a fluff type bangdae oneshot


By ALittlePhantom Updated
Tags  yongguk   spanish   drabble   bap   daehyun   bangdae 
With 1 subscribers, 280 views, 305 words

Drabble BangDae

War Of Danger!

By Yi-DeadlySin_Yee Updated
Tags  minsoo   daejae   bangdae   dokyungsoo   taejin   jinkook   markson   jinmark 
Characters | Jaebum | Mark | Jackson | Jinyoung | Jungkook | Seokjin | Taehyung | Daehyun | Y.Jae | Jimin | Yugyeom | Suga | Kyungsoo | Bambam | J-Hope | Himchan | Zelo | Yongguk | Jongup | Rap Mon | C.Jae |
With 5 chapters, 11 votes, 412 subscribers, 9720 views, 57 comments, 57230 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only


By IanInABox Updated
Tags  yongguk   zelo   himchan   jongup   bap   daehyun   youngjae   daejae   junhong   himup   bangdae   himlo   jonglo   banglo   himdae   youngup 
Characters Bang Yongguk, Kim Himchan, Jung Daehyun, Yoo Youngjae, Moon Jongup, Choi Junhong/Zelo
With 21 chapters, 4 votes, 35 subscribers, 3430 views, 6 comments, 39576 words

My Lover

By KING24 Updated
Tags  bangdae 
Characters yongguk, daehyun, zelo, youngjae, himchan, jongup, and more
With 13 chapters, 18 votes, 182 subscribers, 5810 views, 55 comments, 18335 words
Status [M]


By foryooalways Updated
Characters yooyoungjae jungdaehyun bangyongguk kimhimchan choijunhong moonjongup
With 6 chapters, 5 votes, 89 subscribers, 2250 views, 10 comments, 10126 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only

Diamond 4 Ya

By DaeYoyaku Updated
Tags  jiho   yongguk   bap   daehyun   bangdae 
Characters Bang Yongguk, Jung Daehyun
With 15 chapters, 8 votes, 78 comments, 76630 words
Status Members Only

      I can't make you mine even if I give you the most expensive thing in the world. Is there something that you really want?  - Bang Yongguk -   ______________________________________________________________________________   Main Characters :    Jung Daehyun, 23 years

Come As You Are

By ElatedFangirl Updated
Tags  yongguk   daehyun   bangdae 
Characters Bang Yongguk & Jung Daehyun
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 7 subscribers, 630 views, 1 comments, 3157 words
Status Completed

He was only set to stop him. Not form any connections and feelings for him.


By yogibeutora Updated
Characters Daehyun, Yongguk
With 1 votes, 21 subscribers, 5 comments, 1804 words
Status [M]


By CoffeeBB0330 Updated
Tags  bap   banghim   daejae   daelo   himup   bangdae 
Characters Daehyun, Yongguk, Youngjae, Himchan, Jongup, Junhong, others
With 22 chapters, 9 votes, 302 subscribers, 6090 views, 28 comments, 10050 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

He's the Killer

By _AnonymousPhonex_ Updated
Tags  fluff   genderbender   bap   bangdae   slightangst   girldaehyun 
Characters Jung Daehyun, Bang Yongguk, Jeon Jungkook, Choi Junhong, Kim Heechul, Lisa, Bae Joohyun
With 9 chapters, 1 votes, 27 subscribers, 1040 views, 6 comments, 7810 words
Status Subscribers Only

Ever since Daehyun were a child, she always thought she fall in love at first sight with an older guy... but beneath that mask of a gentle face lies a VERY possessive, and domineering sadist!