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Deja Vu

5 people impacted by just getting to know Beomgyu throughout their lives as he met them time and time again. The one time Beomgyu doesn't remember the others, and yet he felt like he knew them.

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By imnotjsq Published
Tags  enhypenjake 
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符3✖️你 校霸女and装乖好学生 “姐姐,巴痛痛……” …… “别戴了,影响亲。” 🚗‼️


By nahour Published
Tags  5114 
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小莎的美食地图 伪现背,拆对期(用“对”是因为他们一对儿)全文4.8k “喜欢你这件事情,从来不是秘密,且值得歌颂” 草莓流心奶酪挞/抹茶软心巴斯克/奥巧冰淇淋布朗尼/开心果冰酪铜锣烧/枫糖香蕉松饼/树莓奶油可颂 请品尝!

some love

By keedsz Published
Characters Dreamcatcher Kim Minji Kim Yoohyeon
With 2 chapters, 1 subscribers, 40 views, 3296 words

there is more than meets the eye when it comes to chance encounters. 


By dwqs0723 Published
Tags  gidle 
Characters shuhua meiyan
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面a刷o 有挂件     今天是孩子们末放打歌的日子,舒华因为身体原因一直没参加,赵美延正在待机室吃米妮的蘑菇饼干,化妆台上的手机响起铃来。上面显示的是叶舒华的头像。     “昭妍呐我去接个电话,马上回来。”


By -Sullivance- Published
Tags  sungchen 
Characters 朴志晟×钟辰乐
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双性 出轨 睡奸 m国邻里故事 未成年

Long Lost Love

By dcyu11 Published
Tags  angst   winter   karina   winrina 
Characters Karina Yoo, Winter Kim,
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 6 subscribers, 220 views, 6662 words
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A superstar actress Kim Minjeong hires a ghost writer to work on her autobiography , but as she (Karina Lee) listens to the superstar's story of her long-lost love, thing begin to sound very familiar.  Minjeong Kim - Screen Name Winter Kim - Real Name drama plot.

Benefits of Being a Nerd

By wparkdora Published
With 2 chapters, 1 subscribers, 80 views, 5534 words
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"Just because I shared the same name as one of the main characters, I wanted to read the novel. How could I have known that I would wake up in that novel and even be bound to the body of Soulmate Baekhyun? Chanyeol, who possesses the power of fire, was chosen as the next emperor. The god desired a child. The prophecy foretold that he would marry a man with white hair. Baekhyun, the holy child of the god, could not endure the torment and pleaded with the god. The god granted him a wish


By creamicedamericano Published
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*搬运,去年写的一点失眠产物 *web:淡奶冰美不加糖  

3:00 AM

By saintkarina Published
Characters karina x winter
With 2 chapters, 22 votes, 785 subscribers, 12 comments, 2340 words
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  Even though Winter has a long-term boyfriend, she can't seem to break herself up about the intimate acts she's doing with Karina because Karina made her get used to living a luxurious lifestyle.   Karina created a rule that regulates their agreement to support one another's needs: they are not allowed to fall in love with one another without any conditions.  


By y_outsider Published
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By ywonhui_64 Published
Tags  wonhui 
Characters 全圓佑 文俊輝 Wonwoo Junhui
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  文俊辉是一位补习班老师,他并不是讲师,是负责跟家长连络孩子状况,以及负责一个班级的班导师。     在大学毕业后原本在考虑要不要继续读研究所,但自己的专业要读起来,周围的人都建议他到欧美国家,思来想去他最后选择就业,只是在就业这块,自己因为本身专业没有继续深造,他对于相关的工作不那么有信心。


By tmtbdfqj Published
Tags  5114 
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阎王×世界冠军 都阎王了,剧情纯无厘头,溺爱一下求你们了 因为把想死挂在边所以和阎王爷先婚后爱了(?)【好像有这个梗我也记不得了,我忽然脑子里蹦出来所以写了😖】 非双洁,孙一莎有前任 可以去B站找我玩,🆔是特码头暴打番茄酱

scoring a potential date at a graduation ceremony [jinjoo ver.]

By Jinjoonatorsksk Published
Characters yujin minju hyewon yuri
With 2 chapters, 5 subscribers, 120 views, 4267 words
Status Completed

hyewon invites a friend at their graduation--who takes an interest in yujin