'do you mind getting out of my way? I'm trying to escape from reality.'


NAME: athen shin

✲ shin hyunwook +  신현욱 :: legal korean name 
✲ athinoklis :: his nom de plume for everything that he doesn't want to be traced back to himself. it's the only name he likes that shares the root of his favourite greek goddess - athena. coincidentally, that's also why he picked 'athen' as a name for himself
✲ james shin :: his name before he changed it legally

✲ hyunnie :: what everyone calls him on a daily basis
✲ wookie :: another frequently used nickname only utilised by those close to him

✲ ethan :: which might as well be his other name considering how many times people mispelled it
✲ jamie :: he only lets people use this nickname if they knew him before college 
✲ that greek dude :: not one he accepted willingly, but it came about because of the origin of his name and some people kinda suspected. plus because of his major (which people kept confusing but it's english literature guys, not classics)
✲ the boy :: ah, of course, the infamous label
✲ nerd :: you know, despite everything, hyunwook is actually really just a nerd at heart. but of course, only his closest friends know that, because of the front he keeps up 

BIRTHDATE: 11.07.1998

BIRTHPLACE: seoul, south korea 

HOMETOWN: seoul, south korea



korean | 10/10 :: his mother tongue which he grew up on. he lived in south korea for the majority of his life too, until he went abroad 
✲ english | 10/10 :: he was already proficient in english and excelled in his studies in south korea, which further improved when he decided to study abroad in his last two years of high school. 
✲ ancient greek + latin | 7/10 :: he takes classics for extra credit, and somehow he loved it so much he became the teacher's favourite student. but yeah, ancient greek and latin - essentials for any fledgling classics nerd.



FACECLAIM: hwang hyunjin + stray kids 

BACKUP: park jinyoung + got7


HEIGHT: 178cm

WEIGHT: 62kg



the first thing anyone would notice about hyunwook would be his sharp and delicate features, characterised by his high cheekbones, sharp jawline, and more often than not, narrowed eyes. his hair fluctuates between being shoulder-length or short, but he always leaves his bangs long. the colour is a brownish-black, though recently he decided to dye it completely black because, yeah, whims. (he went blond before, and he liked that too, but this year he decided to go for black) 

hyunwook is also quite slender, with a slightness and grace that isn't often found in boys. he carries himself with dignity, which often makes him seem taller than he really is. and yeah, he has fast metabolism so he's constantly skinny, with clothes hanging off his frame. 

he has long limbs, ending with slender fingers that are perfect for playing the piano. the only distinguishing feature he has from others are the scars hidden in the inside of his wrist, though those are easily concealed with shirts. otherwise, a small bald patch on the side of his left eyebrow which looked like it was shaved off is the most distinguishing feature that is visible to the eye (he often excuses it as shaved off anyways - it's more artistic that way)


because of his slender stature, hyunwook has no trouble finding clothes that fit him. even on normal college days where his fellow classmates are resigned to a pair of sweats and baggy t-shirts, he makes a point of dressing for style because screw comfort - he can have that in the confines of his own room and in rehearsals, where people actually don't give a . also the world is his stage and he behaves as such accordingly. 

hyunwook's style can be condensed into two words - simple sophistication. his clothes aren't that flashy or that expensive; it's usually some loose-fitting or oversized simple white t-shirt paired with slim fitting pants - either jeans or slacks - that cling to his long legs, a body part he's enormously proud of. he finishes these simple looks off with combat boots and a bomber/leather jacket, though if he 's attending a more formal event, he replaces those with loafers and a long coat. 

another common outfit of his is wearing a black turtleneck (the man never sweats, itsg) with a loose fitting jacket, and cargo pants, with boots. alternatively, the black turtleneck replaced with a short-sleeved shirt if it's like 30 degrees outside. 

the only time you'd see hyunwook in sweats and a hoodie is during exams season or rehearsal. literally. because those are the only times he can't be bothered to dress up, and something else is at stake than his reputation/fashion sense.


remember when I say his style is 'simple sophistication'? what really shows hyunwook's sense of sophistication off are his attention to detail and the large collection of accessories he posseses. he always wears something with a cross - a choker with a cross, a bracelet with a cross, someone once joked he had the whole goddamn cathedral in his accessory drawer. another signature of his is chains; chains on his earrings, chains from his belt, you get the idea. 

he's never seen without at least two necklaces - a simple silver one with a simple charm, paired with the infamous choker or just one that's closer to his neck. he wears rings as well, at least two on one hand, or on occassion, three on a single hand. sometimes hyunwook throws on a bracelet, but it's not that common.

hyunwook has quite a large amount of piercings, despite his pain tolerance. he has two lobe piercings on each side, a helix and cartilage on his right, and another helix on his left. he also had an eyebrow piercing, but it closed and he doesn't really want to sit through that again. again, his earrings share the same motif of crosses, and he especially likes long ones with a hanging chain - the ones where it connects the helix and the lobe. 

(oh yea, boi is also kinda blind so yes, glasses are needed except when he wants to wear contact lenses) 

hyunwook has a few tattoos on himself as well, though they are rather small and indiscreet. he has a small 3am tattoo on the inside of his left wrist (can't find a picture for that, sorry :/) and one of a cat sitting on a crescent moon underneath it. this piece of lilies and a crescent moon intertwined is on his right ankle, while he has the constellation of scorpio (his zodiac sign) marked on the small of his back. 

he also makes it a point to wear a ton amount of makeup, except when he really doesn't care. his most common looks are often just foundation and eyeshadow, because his lips are red enough already. he pays most attention to his eyes, because that's the most attractive part of him. so a hell lot of eye makeup. 

hair accessories? only when he really wants to put in the effort. sometimes girls go to him for his hair tips, instead of looking for a hookup, because when hyunwook wants to, he goes hard. he sometimes adds hair extensions, clips, braids his hair, whatever he feels like doing. but most of the time he doesn't do anything - only some hairclips to keep it out of his face, or a hairtie to again, keep it out of his face. hyunwook just couldn't be bothered when his face already does all the work.




 istp, slytherin, scorpio sun, gemini moon, virgo rising.

✲ POSITIVE :: ambitious, caring, friendly, helpful, confident, hard-working
✲ NEUTRAL :: independent, charismatic, dramatic, sarcastic, unpredictable, reckless, perfectionist
✲ NEGATIVE :: stubborn, blunt, irritable, impatient, rebellious

people who knows hyunwook sees him as a very hardworking individual who is ambitious about his goals, and refuses to give up, regardless of any obstacles in his way. he's a certified perfectionist who needs to see his work to the very end and to completion, which is one of the main reasons people enjoyed working with him - he's meticulous about every single last detail and does not let anything get in his way.    


'______-ah, raise your hand just a little more. and move your leg like this. *demonstrates*'

'but hyung! i've been doing the same move for literal hours and honestly isn't it just the same?'

'yeah, but we can't afford a stage less than perfect, can we?'

*cue loud sigh*


despite all the bad things i've written about hyunwook which might make you doubt his personality (whoops), he's actually a very caring individual, just prone to depressive moods. hyunwook is friendly to everyone, except he can be a bit aggressive in his love so it might put people off, but trust me, there's nothing more that he wants than taking care of people. he's always seen offering a helping hand around campus, regardless of whoever it was. because of the flawless combination that is his personality and his looks, he had received more than a few proposals. 


'you okay? do you need help?'

'oh! sunbae-nim, i think i'm fine, thank you very much.'

'yeah, if you need any help just hit me up anytime, okay?'

hyunwook seemingly has an unlimited reserve of confidence wherever he goes. he holds his head high as he walks, outfit perfect to the shoes, and gives off a very charismatic vibe wherever he goes. people either look up to him or are intimidated because of him, though he usually puts those fears to rest with his friendliness and niceness - unless you give him reason not to. he gives off a 'don't touch me' attitude, which is somewhat true given his extremely independent nature, but that vibe is more often than not because of his confidence. 


'i always say, you got it, flaunt it.'


he has an impeccable sense of sarcasm which prevails over any conversation with people close with him. of course he keeps up a civilised side when he has to, but otherwise, he unleashes his sarcasm with a large handful of dramatic dumped in. he rarely puts up apperances to hide it, because his wit and sarcasm helps define him, and hyunwook honestly doesn't have much of a brain-to-mouth filter. but when he has to shut up, he will. 


'did you just leave me for orange juice?!' - when his friend leaves him alone for a second to grab a drink 


however, hyunwook is a very reckless and unpredictable individual. his recklessness is really more of an impulsive nature rather than taking risks needlessly, but he does tend to push social norms and boundaries whenever he could. regarding his unpredictability, this usually manifests in his moods since he suffers from mood swings. one moment he could be goofing around with his friends, the next he's contemplating the reason for life. in terms of recklessness, he does seeks out thrills for the sake of it, though it's often socially unacceptable things rather than actual physical thrills (e.g. flirting with a man in front of a crowd vs taking a roller coaster ride). this sense of unpredictability also manifests in his sudden whims to go on trips, which jaechan is sometimes a part of.  


'what's up?'

'that guy there. you see him? leather jacket, rings, chains and the whole lot? he's ing cute. i need his number.'

'hyunwook, wait - '

*had already walked off and started chatting him up*


stubbornness to a fault is also one of hyunwook's characteristics. it's not that he doesn't take no for an answer; he just needs a lot of convincing. because of his confidence which can border on arrogance, hyunwook has much confidence in his decisions and his ideas. it gets even worse if you straight out and flat out tell him not to do something; because of his rebellious nature, he takes that as a direct challenge. you say no? fine, he'll prove you wrong. he goes against rules, challenges social norms and doesn't follow what everyone else does. that's how he was able to establish his own sense of uniqueness. however, if you lay it out to him in a logical manner, he'll listen. just don't be headstrong against his stubbornness. it'll backfire completely. (yes, even if you're his superior)


'and told you, that we can't do that because - ' 


hyunwook is very blunt. he doesn't really have much of a brain to mouth filter. of course he sugarcoats his words when the situation calls for it, and he's very polite to strangers and his superiors, but to people he's close with his bluntness can be a bit of a problem when people go to him for advice, mostly because he doesn't believe in sugarcoating the truth. he'll try his best if needed, but generally don't expect it from him. otherwise, when people goes to him for advice, he settles for a hug because hey, physical intimacy always helps, right? 


'oh my god, please don't cry - uh, help? have a hug??' - him panicking when people are crying around him


(yeah, he's especially bad when it comes to tears.) 


hyunwook also has quite a short temper and is irritable, especiaally when he's impatient. hyunwook is a man of action, not of waiting - he finds it difficult to sit around doing nothing when there are clearly something better to be done. he gets annoyed easily, though it doesn't always show. hyunwook rarely actually gets angry though, most of his annoyance is either for show or just because he's petty. when he gets pissed/mildly annoyed (for real), he makes it known through passive-aggressiveness, and makes a point of being more dramatic than usual, which makes him a good target for annoying. but when he's truly angry and well pissed, he becomes quiet and very, very intimidating. 


'hyunnie hyung is actually the most scary person when he's angry. like actually, once he got really annoyed when i took his phone, and i thought the devil was in front of me.'  


BACKGROUND: doesn't have to be terribly long! don't worry about writing their hanahaki experience here since that comes later in the app, but do give me some background on this character. if they've had experience with other people's hanahaki it could definitely go here, i.e. if, like the mastermind plotline, they lost a family member to it / a family member had it. go wild, but not too wild. 









✲ I'm not being edgy. the edginess is part of me.



try to keep it to just the important people! collabs are welcomed. don't forget to include friends, family members, and maybe that persnickety soulmate (although there's also a section for that if you want to just wait). 






✲ cha hakyeon ✲ the mom friend ✲ president of dance club ✲ senior ✲ performance major ✲ 9/10 ✲ fc :: cha hakyeon (vixx)


✲ hyunwook unironically calls hakyeon 'mom', just like the rest of the dance club members. they met at the orientation, when hakyeon was the vice-president of the dance club and hyunwook was just a fresher. he was persuaded into joining the club, and ever since then started seeing hakyeon every week in the form of a two-hour practice session in the studio every thursday after school. hakyeon is friendly to everyone, but he took a liking to hyunwook because of how much effort he pays. also because they share the same major.  

'hyunnie, are you not eating again?'
'ermmmm, yeah, kinda busy lately, hyung.'
'you look like you haven't eaten in ages.'
'yeah, i haven't been eating well for the past month - '

'what - okay. fine. meet me in front of the science building at 7pm this saturday.'
'where are we going?'
'hyung is treating you to meat.' 


✲ lee hwanjin ✲ best friend ✲ theatre club + design club + debate club ✲ sophomore ✲ art major + architecture minor ✲ 10/10 ✲


✲ hwanjin is like hyunwook - a korean student from seoul, and chock full of sarcasm and drama. they first met in middle school, and kept in contact while hyunwook is in the uk, so he's like the only person who 1) occasionally slips up and calls him 'jamie' and hyunwook lets him and 2)have enough secrets to embarrass the heck out of him. anyways, hwanjin is a carbon copy of hyunwook - sassy, annoying, 'high-class', but more sophisticated and less mentally unstable, though his social circles are full of similar people, so his mental state may be hidden amongst equally 'crazy geniuses'. 

'can you shut up for just one second?'
'make me, .' 


moon jaechan ✲ best friend ✲ soccer team + school orchestra + band ✲ sophomore ✲ medicine major ✲ 10/10 ✲ fc: eric son (the boyz)

 nicknamed the 'model asian kid' by hyunwook and their gang of friends, jaechan is considered the most sane in the little group of misfits that includes hwanjin and hyunwook. he's more of the no-nonsense type and has an alarm on his phone that goes off to make sure he sends his 'remember to eat and sleep and drink water, hyunnie' text to hyunwook every day (okay, he doesn't, but you get the point). whereas hwanjin is the tornado that wages along with hyunwook's unsteady and violent waves, jaechan is a solid anchor and rock against which he can rely on. of course jaechan has his moments too, and when called upon, hyunwook can actually dispense useful advice. but otherwise, jaechan is a very reliable person.

oh and why are they friends? because they are in the same band and sadly they need to see each other every week for practice. hyunwook also has a habit of going for random midnight drives or trips out of the blue and somehow jaechan is the only one who humours him. so yeah.

'I hijacked hwanjin's car. wanna go get some food?'
'...give me ten minutes.'
'great! see you at my house in thirty.'

icons lee felix on Tumblr 

lee yongbok/felix lee ✲ close friend ✲ maths discussion group + dance club ✲ sophomore ✲ performance major + math minor ✲ 7/10 ✲ fc: lee felix (stray kids)

 despite being in the same year, hyunwook has a fierce sense of protectiveness when it comes to felix. he doesn't exactly coodle or patronizes felix, but there's a part of him that wants to tuck him away and protect him from all the dangers of the world - when of course, felix is perfectly capable of taking care of himself. anyways, they're in the dance club together, and they also have the same classes when it comes to performance. hyunwook calls felix his 'squish'. 

*squishes felix's cheeks* 'oh my god hyung staph.' 



MAJOR + MINOR: english literature + performance 

YEAR: sophomore

EXTRACURRICULARS + CLUBS: dance club, debate club, classics club, literature club, theatre group, band, cover group


note :: I have no ing idea how US universities work so these courses are taken from a combination of UK universities 
monday :: 
— 11:00 ~ 13:00 :: theory and practice of literary criticism
— 15:00 ~ 17:00 :: shakespeare

tuesday ::

— 10:00 ~ 11:00 :: old english
— 14:30 ~ 16:30 :: performance practicals 

wednesday :: 
— 11:00 ~ 12:00 :: ancient greek/latin
— 13:30 ~ 14:30 :: music theory 
— 16:00 ~ 17:00 :: shakespeare
thursday :: 

— 11:00 ~ 13:00 :: theory and practice of literary criticism
— 14:30 ~ 16:30 :: performance practicals 

friday :: 

— 11:00 ~ 12:00 :: the hellinistic world
— 13:00 ~ 14:00 :: old english 

— 16:00 ~ 17:00 :: tutorial session  

saturday :: 

— 11:00 ~ 13:00 :: performance practicals


LIVING ARRANGEMENT: either they live in a dorm on campus or they live in an apartment near campus 


SCHOOL TRIVIA: anything important for me to know




kim seungmin

kim seungmin + bang chan 



THE STORY: the story of what they wrote to each other, how your character found out this was their soulmate, etc etc 


THE PETALS: when did they start coughing up petals? dates are important. had they told their soulmate their feelings and been rejected, or did the petals come first and they decided not to say anything? or did they confess their feelings after the petals came, just for the peace of mind? or did this start before they even knew they were soulmates? and how did things progress?


THE FLOWER: this would be their soulmate's favorite flower. if you want to amuse me (read: get brownie points) include the meaning of the flower! and just idk entertain me with this uwu i'm expecting someone to apply with something ironic like a flower that represents longevity, okay





change the picture at right to their discord display picture + replace this with their discord status

FINDING THE FLYER: give me a rundown of the scenario where they stumbled across one of petal's flyers!


DECIDING TO GO TO THE LIBRARY: what made them decide they would join this group? what reservations did they have? were they concerned it might have been a prank? remember, for the reluctant, it was their friends who prompted them to join


PERSONAL FEELINGS ABOUT HANAHAKI: & keep their plotlines in mind 


DEVELOPMENT: in what direction do you see them growing throughout the story? 



of course petal talked to each member before he added them to the server, in order to make sure no jerks there to poke fun and be general s were added. 


these are discord messages, so if you want to include their actions as they type you may but they are not face to face. 












if your character has questions for petal please list them here!!! if they are chosen, the questions will be answered in-story. 




love interest name

faceclaim + backup faceclaim

if you plan for your character to have a love interest that isn't their soulmate, or if you want it to work out for them in the end. remember, collabs are loved! uwu
















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