So there's this guy..

So there's this guy that I feel like doesn't get as much recognition as he should. Maybe it's because of his very famous nickname 'Grandpa' or because he's usually a dork that none of the members listen to at the dorms.

Uri Exo Suho (aka Kim Joonmyun)
(Believe it or not, this is Suho - yes hot AF I know...FML)
Can we just take a moment to look at this leader's gorgeous face? I mean, why hasn't he won an award for having the hottest, most handsome face on this planet?!
(Yes I'm talking about him; he needs the award)
So when I was first new to Exo, whenever I heard Joonmyun's voice in their songs, me and my bff couldn't think of a word to describe his voice. We'd get stuck between 'soft and angelic' so in the end we just decided to go for 'nice voice' and that his voice 'can easily be recognised against the other members.'
But now I can easily sum up the sound of his voice with four words; angelic, soft, sweet and soothing.
His smile: I mean, can we just have a minute of silence to adore this hottie's smile? Man, why do I feel like i'm missing something?
Oh yeah! His pure, ing, perfect, ing, milky ing skin! (Sorry about my language. You know, Joonmyun has that kind of effect on me)
This man's dancing is 'meh.' His dancing skills aren't as amazing as Kai's nor Jason Derulo's but it's not bad to the point you can't even look at him when he comes on. Honestly, I think his dancing skill are okay.
His patience. Ugh...his patience. 7 long, bloody years. Can you train that long? Especially in Korean entertainment companies. 
Well this man can; he was so passionate about his dream that he actually lasted 7 years to become and idol. Some probably can't even last a few months.
Anyway, this guy is perfect, in and out. He's beautiful in anything; Whatever you dress him in, or however you style his hair. This man, is still gonna be a 'hottie.' He just doesn't know how to look ugly.
And he has many talents and my heart skips beats whenever I see him. 
HE IS A FANTASTIC LEADER!!!!! He cares so much about s and it's seriously a really sweet thing to see..
But the thing is...he's not even my bias...yet I can bring up a thousand things to say about this dude.
Geez, Suho-shi why you do this to me?!
Ok so yeah, this was me admiring Suho on a really high level.


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YAS. The top one on the right. OH JESUS SUHO.

Perhaps this one?
His smile is killing me!!