Interact with 'EXO'?

I'm sorry if i had mislead you with the title. ^.^ This is a post about a facebook roleplay page of exo~

So if youre still here and reading, thank you <3 

[12 Gays Diary] 

is a facebook page with admins who roleplay as members of EXO. wE have recently started out and would really love it if you gave us a like <3 We post funny statuses and pictures everyday and we interact with our fans :D 

If youve ever wanted to talk too/interact with your favourite EXO member,or eve at least feel like you are [12 Gays Diary] is the place to do so!

We also act in our OTP/Ships :D

Here is the page.

If you do give it a like i am really thankful :D



First 5-10 (depends on how many people comment) people who give the page a like and comment ill give a one shot ^.^ 

Just leave in a comment
- your name (first name only if you want) So i can check you liked the page.
-Who you want a one shot with
-additional information (e.g. ? Setting? Specific Situation?)




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