Fangirling (part 3)

I caught Hongbin's disease: The Mr. Park Hyoshin fever.

I haven't updated lately because I've been busy with school & puddling to PHS' beautiful voice ;_; Rather than finishing anything, I just want to spend whole days listening to PHS' songs ;; it's upsetting how I can't find his older albums ANYWHERE. I couldn't find his songs offline while I was in Korea, either T_T

&& amusing to me how fanboy & singer are almost exactly 12 years apart (same lunar zodiac animal; rooster) . . . ;;;;;;;;;;;;

Maybe Jaedelle's brain is errored, but I'm starting to think that if you smoosh Mr. Leo's face with Hongbin's, you get something that vaguelly resembles Mr. Park Hyoshin. Sometimes, PHS has that blur look in his eyes that Mr. Leo always does & Hongbin just has that weird vibe that reminds me of his sunshine. ;;;;;;;;;;; I need to get work done ;;;


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