First photoshop attempt-- ORZ TAKE IT IF YOU LIKE IT

So i've been learning and working on photoshop lately-- it isn't that hard and i'm trying my best.

My first result : 



What is this? IDEK! Orz it even came out of nowhere-- anyways, if you liked it (which I doubt) it's all yours, but tell me so I can write your name on it.

It could turn into really good storyline you know, psycho hae sounds good-- BAD ADVERTISER I KNOW! ;m;


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I know it's late now... but TEACH ME SENSEI!
It's good >< well i was (more) than u on my first attempt on photoshop (that was when i realize im not good in arts ㅠㅠ ) it's good tough, and psycho..well that's will be good ficts i guess..
Its's really good :O You shall do well, grasshopper ^^