Funny game! -Stolen from kpop139745-

Korean Name:

Baek Sin Woo, lol catchy?

Kpop Relationship:

Engaged to Sehun, 
True love: Himchan, 
Bro friend: DO, 
Long lost brother: Namstar.

Kissing EXO:

was kissed by Kris as he played with your s! LOL 

Your EXO Husband:

I marry Baekhyun and have 12 kids together. WOW! SLOW DOWN BOY!

Life with Your SMTown Oppas:

will be the manager of Lay, who is happy to have known me.



My Special Powers:

I have Super speed and can Still lose every time! Damn

Holiday with EXO:

I would go to Namsan Tower with Lay but Xiumin knows and he cries. Aww ;~;

Super Junior Baby Daddy:

I will have a(n) angry baby boy with Donghae. - Aww <3

Random SJ Drama:

I'm a wife of kyuhyun have affairs with ryeowook then I will kill kyuhyun then marry kibum.... .-.

Spin The Bottle:

kissed by SuHun and then vomits all over D.O's shoulders. *O________O D.O eyes* LMAO D.O!

1, 2, Dirty Dirty Beat~ KPOP:

Xiumin, *Holds my hand* he wants me to be his girlfriend. Aww asdkjshf !

Cooking with BAP:

happy cooking with Jongup didnt know their baby, Himchan burn his apron.

Dance Number With EXO:

dances Catch me with Xiumin while playing (with) Luhan

EXO Encounter:

bumps into Kris and as you apologize he glares before being pulled away by Kai. e_e don't glare nigga! you're lucky i still love you D:< LOL <3


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