These are just some pictures and gifs I found really cute/interesting/funny from Tumblr (none of them are mine)




Lol whut... what are you doing?



 I just couldn't resist it... I mean come on it's D.O.


tumblr_n6aqsbRtAd1rc7zl1o1_400.gif tumblr_n6aqsbRtAd1rc7zl1o2_400.gif tumblr_n6aqsbRtAd1rc7zl1o3_400.gif tumblr_n6aqsbRtAd1rc7zl1o4_400.gif tumblr_n6aqsbRtAd1rc7zl1o5_400.gif tumblr_n6aqsbRtAd1rc7zl1o6_400.gif tumblr_n6aqsbRtAd1rc7zl1o7_400.gif tumblr_n6aqsbRtAd1rc7zl1o8_400.gif

Lol these guys are dorks xD


tumblr_nadbo49d3t1r44taeo3_250.gif tumblr_nadbo49d3t1r44taeo1_250.gif

Now tell me if this isn't cute? Kaisoo feels >u< And is that Chen pulling Sehun? Lol



Awww so romantic *u* You see the silhouette of two love birds on D.O.'s tee. He must be a cupid lol


Aaaaand that's all for now ^^ Most of these EXO pics/gifs are from various fancams of 140815 SMTown Live World Tour IV in Seoul


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