Dare You To Answer These

The title stands for "Dare You To Answer These" so once you have read these you have to answer them.
Pass it on :)
Have fun :)
(Since everyone seems to be doing these, why not?)
[Basic Stuff ]
Name / Nickname: Minnie
Real Name: Min
Ethnicity: Vietnamese-Chinese-Japanese
Height: Shorter than Youngjae
Date Of Birth: Younger than actor Kang Chanhee by 2 months
[Kpop Group Favourites]
Favourite Boy Group: B.A.P
Favourite Girl Group: SNSD 
Ultimate Boy Bias: Yoo Youngjae
Ultimate Girl Bias: Jessica Jung
Second Favourite Boy Group: INFINITE
Second Favourite Girl Group: miss A
Second Boy Bias: Nam Woohyun
Second Girl Bias: IU
[Favourite Sutff]
Favourite Food: Sushio
Favourite Junk Food: Cheeseburgers
Favourite Color: Sky blue
Favourite OTP: Myungzy
Favourite Song (Male): B.A.P - B.A.B.Y
Favourite Song (Female): IU - Meaning of You
One Song that Describes Your Life: Mindy Gledhill - I Do Adore
What Will You Do When You See Your Ultimate Bias Live: Cry and profess my undying love for him (oops, already happened)
Idols You Dislike/Hate: No one in particular
Idols You Idolize (Talents) (Girl): IU and Juniel
Idols You Idolize (Talents) (Boy): Hongki and Daehyun
Number Of Subscribers: More than I ever imagined
Number Of Friends: Enough
Number Of Stories: 5
[To be Honest]
Author(s) Whom You Idolise on AFF: MamaShrimp, grainsofbap, summerchild, purplekpop, dreamingunderstars, hiheymondays, and byeolie—I suppose
What's Your Favourite Story Of The Moment: Speak to Me
What's Your Favourite [M] Story Of The Moment: I don't read , sorry.
OTPs You Usually Reads: Myungzy
[Bias List Time!!]
Name Your Biases: Well, my top 5 are: 1) Yoo Youngjae 2) Nam Woohyun 3) Lee Chanhee 4) Kim Jinwoo 5) Kris Wu
[Things you want]
What Japanese Name You Want: I already have one.
What Korean Name You Want: Aeri.
What English Name You Want: I already have one.
What Chinese Name You Want: I already have one.
What Hair Color Do You Want: Dark Chocolate Brown
How Tall Do You Want To Be: 5'4
Nickname Your Friends/Family Calls You: Suki
Ideal Type: Someone who is smart and taller than me.
Ideal Man: Youngjae or Dr.Han Jinwoo from God's Quiz
[Random Questions]
Who's Your Bias In Sistar: Soyu
Who's Your Bias In Infinite: Woohyun
Who's Your Bias In Apink: Eunji
Who's Your Bias In Exo K: Chanyeol
Who's Your Bias In F(x): Krystal
Who's Your Bias In DBSK: OT5 - Yoochun OT2 - Yunho
Who's Your Bias In SNSD: Jessica
Who's Your Bias In Shinee: Key 
Who's Your Bias In SKarf: N/A
Who's Your Bias In Teen Top: Chunji
Who's Your Bias In Exo M: Kris
Who's The Hottest Boy Group: B.A.P  and Teen Top 
Who Creates The Best Music: B.A.P
Exo's Tao or Infinite's SungJong: Sungjong 
Infinite's L or Exo's Kai: L
Infinite or Exo: INFINITE
SNSD or T-ara: SNSD
Apink or Hello Venus: They're both spectacular
F(x)'s Krystal or Sistar's Bora: Krystal
Best OST: アイのうた - Fukui Mai
Best Comeback Song In 2014 (Male): B.A.P - 1004
Best Comeback Song In 2014 (Female): SNSD - Mr.Mr.
Worst Comeback Song In 2014 (Male): I don't know.
Worst Comeback Song In 2014 (Female): I don't know.


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