Get To Know Me


1. name:  Minnie
2. birthday:  March 6
3. favorite color: Sky blue
4. lucky number: 2
5. height: 5ft


1. last dream you remember: Running away from Alicia Silverstone when she played Adrian in The Crush, I believe
2. can you juggle: I can juggle 2, but I've never tried 3
3. art/sports/both: Both
4. do you like writing: Of course, but it depends
5. do you like dancing: I like twerking, if that counts (totally kidding guys)
6. do you like singing: Yeah, especially whenever I'm singing with the little kids at the hospital when I decide to come out of my hospital room during the summers to socialize


1. dream vacation: Fanmeeting in Korea, to be very honest
2. dream date: A date with Youngjae, no matter what we do or where we go, is a dream date for me
3. dream guy/gal/enby: Yoo Youngjae
4. dream wedding: In a grand church with flower petals scattered on the floor and paper cranes hanging down from the ceiling

5. dream pet: Rottweiler or a Husky
6. dream job: Radiologist, Forensic Pathologist


1. favorite song: B.A.P songs, IU's Meaning of You
2. favorite album: B.A.P's First Sensibility, Mindy Gledhill's Anchor
3. favorite artist: B.A.P, INFINITE, Teen Top
4. last song you heard on the radio: MKTO's Classic
5. least favorite song: Justin Bieber's Baby
6. least favorite album: Whatever album Austin Mahone's MMM Yeah is in
7. least favorite artist: Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone ((sorry))


1. guys/girls/enbies: Youngjae (lol)
2. hair color: It doesn't matter, as long as it's not crazy 
3. eye color: Blue, brown, or grey
4. humorous/serious: Someone who knows how to be both at appropriate times
5. taller/shorter: Taller
6. biggest turn-off: Disrespectful and rude to elders
7. biggest turn-on:  their lips, tousling up their hair, or someone whom I can fangirl around or discuss quantum physics with


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Be friends with me; I don't bite :)




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Lol your 5 ft so short