EXO in Hogwarts Houses

I was bored. So I decided to write this ^^

EXO's Hogwarts Houses (I'm not sure, just saying which houses I think they will be in)

Sehun- Slytherin

Tao- Slytherin

Kris- Gryffindor (A lot of people would put him in Slytherin, but I think Gryffindor fits him more)

Baekhyun- Hufflepuff

Chanyeol- Gryffindor

Kyungsoo- Slytherin (I actually do not have any idea how I got to this conclusion)

Jongin- Gryffindor

Suho- Ravenclaw

Lay- Hufflepuff

Xiumin- Gryffindor

Chen- Gryffindor

Luhan- Hufflepuff

So what do you think? Do they fit? Or do you want some longer explanations? Do you have other Houses in mind for any particular member? Please do say so, and tell me why :) I'd like to know your opinion!

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