Kyungsoo's Kimchi Spaghetti





Yay! Yay! Yay! Finally I have time to made it~~~~

Thanks to exo dyo for making this recipe~~

And for my friend who have introduced this recipe to me~~

I will tell you how to made it, here you go:

Firstly prepare the ingridients: onion, apple, kimchi, sausage, spaghetti, bolognesse sauce, chilli sauce, shredded cheese.

(note: I add apple to make it more fresh and yummy)

1. wash and cut up your vegetables, apples, including the kimchi! 

2. slice your sausages.

3. boil spaghetti according to the directions; when it’s done, strain and rinse with cold water. PREHEAT THE OVEN (350-400 degrees works.)

4. while the pasta cooks, fry your sausages in a pan.

5. saute the kimchi until its cooked. Kyungsoo says the kimchi is more delicious cooked! When the kimchi is done add some apples. 

6. turn the heat to medium, pour a good amount of tomato sauce on top and mix it all up- make sure to heat the sauce through!

7. put the cooked spaghetti into an ovenproof pan and pour your sauce over it. mix it all up!

8. sprinkle your cheese over the whole thing- EXO likes it really cheesy, and so do I.

9. put the kimchi spaghetti in the oven until the cheese has all melted. 

10. enjoy :))




~This is how i made my own sauce, you may think its weird but its really yummy.

Firstly, pour the ready-bolognesse-sauce to a bowl. add some pepper and milk powder (vanilla taste, dont put too much). Mix it well, then add the cooked kimchi and mixed it again.

~And this is how I arrange it on my pan:

First sauce + kimchi, then add the spaghetti, mix it well. Then add kimchi again. after that, add some apple (uncooked) + a litlle amount of sugar + pepper. Last sprinkle some cheese + litlle amount milk powder + pepper, and add the cooked sausages + sprinkle some more cheese. Finished.



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Can't wait to try! :3
YUMMY! hehe. i hope i can make it too :')