(rumor)Kris was kicked out from Exo?????? Maldo andwae!!

Hey guys! have u heard about this rumor? I found this at fb page..

[RUMOR] The reason why Kris wasn’t with OT11 today is that because he was delisted from EXO.
It is said that his contract with SM Entertainment was dissolved because of his absences during album recordings and pictorials because he is said to be settling some family matters,althoug h some Canadian fans didn’t believe the reason for his delistment. It is believed that a photo was taken by a sasaeng that Kris was seen in a chic club in Vancouver kissing a girl. With that SM Entertainment was raged and paid the fan to not release the photos and immediately kicked Kris out of EXO.

I'm so broken heart when first reading this.. TT________________TT..especially, the part when he caught kissing a girl at the club..ARGHHH!!

My friend said this is anti-made.. So,hope this is not true!

EXo will be nothing whithout him!! 


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[deactivated] #1
It's not true. Not once have I seen SM Entertainment kick out one of their stars, unless they wanted to leave or debut solo
don't think it's true...But I Dont know anything
so...I hope it's not true Because I Love Kris!!!!
I love exo!!! Without Kris there is No exo... WTF
you believe that? LOLOL
don't worry it's not true
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It seems unreliable, isn't it? :O

Logical speaking, he just debuted last year after years of
practicing and his new hairstyle must be related to Exo's

Besides, he barely goes anyway without been followed by fans and seriously,kissing with a girl in the club? it seems not legit

I think Kris is too clever to jeopardize his own career after years of hard work :)

Let's hope this is not true at all...Fingers cross..:)
this is messed up and really dumb. its funny to read how bad antis are trying to make our fandom freak out. ahaha.
Noooooo!!!! Just nooooo.... My heart broke.... I dont think this is true.... I hope not!