I wonder why the human race (though mostly females) really seem to enjoy making life a pain in the for others.

Most of the people on this site are females, simply you can tell by the username or the fact that a lot of the stories on here are or guys jumping each others bones.

It's hard to filter out the people who want to to be contentious over those who really want there to be peace.

Personally I do not get bothered by people on here. They screw up, I shrug and then I'm done with it. Most of the time I'm concerned for my friends because some of them get attacked from almost every angle. There are those who cannot take it and others who bottle it up. It'd be nice if everyone could get along but at the moment it doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon.

I wonder if I should offering counselling to people on here....


Ummm probably not and it's not to do with the fact I don't have the credentials.

Maybe I will stop the serious blog and just ask something I thought of before. For my ultimates birthday what should I do?

a) Write him a letter (and then burn it!)

b) Do a post with 'x' number of reasons why he's my bias.

c) A post with 'x' number of reasons why I won't have him ever.

d) OTL I actually don't have a suggestion for d!

In the end if you guys want someone to talk to someone about things (e.g. about AFF or whatever) then I guess I'm free. PM me cos we don't all need to know.

To cheer you up here's a cute gif of Dongwoo

It's so hard trying to keep Hoya as my ultimate somedays... The other members are just way too precious.




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