Chanyeol's "scandal"


I don't even know what to think. He shares my #1 spot with Himchan. I'm keeping in mind that this is coming from allkpop and they can be really stupid sometimes still hurts. Hypothetically speaking if this is true, I never want to meet him if that's what he's gonna think about me. I really want to ignore this bc...well I've always though Chanyeol to be a sweetie. Also, i refuse to be gullible this time. That's all I have to say. 


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So heard Chayeol had a 'scandel' and I was curious what he did. I was expecting something serious but seriously who cares that he said they aren't pretty without make up I honestly wouldn't be surprised cause makeup can really change a person also he's a young boy when he wrote this, lets just admit every boy thinks this. When they see someone hot they're like OH yeah! and then when they see someone they don't think is attractive they aren't going to care much about what they think. He's boy I'm sure all the idols when they meet fans think some of them are ugly I mean no ones perfect no ones beautiful to everyone and everyones ugly to someone. Media now a days gives a high demand on looking what they think perfect should look and everyone tries to follow it. Girls starve themselves to think they look beautiful when truth be told most guys don't like that look. Seriously he's fine the way he is, if he thinks I'm ugly if I ever meet him then he thinks I'm ugly as long as he isn't rude to me I could care less.
People seriously need to stop bashing EXO all the time. If the boys say anything haters immediately start freaking out and saying how bad and disrespectful they are. And now even digging up posts from the past, from FIVE YEARS AGO. Seriously, you guys have no life or what?! After bashing Tao for a hundred times now you have to screwing around with another member, right? Gosh...and Chanyeol is the immature. Yeah...clearly. These stuffs just makes me damn angry.
The photo's been proven to be photoshopped, jfyi. That photo's been out even before EXO's debut.
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Honestly speaking, we all think like that when we first meet people. We always judge & decide who we think is good looking & who we don't care for.
Chanyeol's human.

I can't wait for this to "scandal" to blow over. People are "giving up" on Chanyeol, & I just find that pretty low. We'll never know the boys personally, so don't take every little thing they do personally.

Also, agree with goopeculiar. It really seems like he only bragged, then covered up the bragging so as not to piss off his gf. & yeah, people change, people mature.
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Don't take it that way. He's still a sweetie.
He was 15 for godsake, a teenager, and he said that because he wanted to make his girlfriend happy and not jealous.
There is nothing wrong with what he said, he's allowed an opinion. I don't see why, even if this is true, your opinion on him should change, because if it did, then you'd have to change your opinion on every other idol on what they did and said when they were 15...

Just ignore it. Fans are taking this out of proportion.
don't take it too bad. for me it looks like chanyeol wanted to brag about meeting soshi, but he didn't want his girlfriend at the time (hoyeon) to be jealous, so he quickly made it clear that of course they weren't prettier than her to make her happy. also, he was fifteen years old at the time. it was five years ago. people change.