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The Basics


Username: Rayne-Hime

What may I call you: Rayne

How active are you: 9.5 o u o


What They Have on Record

Birth Name: Jo Katsu

Kat - Given to her by her best friend because of her cat-like agility and her 'claws' that pop up when she's angered.
Tsu - Pronounced 'Su'. Given to her by her secret lover because it was uniquely spelled to match Katsu's unique personality, according to him.

DOB: January 18, 1993

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4 ; 162cm

Weight: 121 lbs ; 55kg

Nationality: Korean-Japanese

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

ual Orientation: Bi

Distinguishing features: Scars on her back and legs ; Both of her ears have 3 piercings at the top and 2 tiny ones at the bottom ; Tattoo of angel wings on her back (Covers up some of her scars) | Tattoo of a 'bleeding' rose on her shoulder


Under All the Grease and Grime


The Owner of that Smile: Lee Eun Hye (Jung Roo)

Photos on File: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Back Up: Im Soo Yeon | 1 - 2 - 3 - 4


Let's Take a Look Under the Hood


Katsu is calm, reserved, stubborn, and short tempered just like her father. She seems a bit anti-social but in reality, prefers to be alone most of the time. The only people who get to see her clumsy, flustered, adorable side are Jimin, her 'sister', and City Streets, her 'brothers'.  She usually acts different around different people. With the gang, she's carefree, speaks her mind, completely stubbon, and a 4d prankster along with Aaron, her pranking buddy. With Jimin, diva-ish, huge fashionista (Thanks to her mother who made the hottest and newest fashion), hard worker when the two are working at the tattoo parlor, and they love to gossip like most girls do except they talk about street racing gangs. And with her lover, a stuttering klutz who's face turns pink at every little thing he does.

Katsu lived a pretty harsh life in Japan. Both her parents are successful workaholics who didn't care about their daughter. Soon after, her mother was pregnant with her younger brother. Her father decided that the Jo family didn't need Katsu now that he had a heir and, on her 5th birthday, they dropped her off at an orphanage in Tokyo. She lived in the orphanage until the age of 15 when the it closed down.

From then on, she wandered the streets and took care of the remaining kids. Luckily, at the age of 17, she was able to find each and every orphan a new home until she was the only one left on the street. One night, while looking for a new "home" to sleep in, she passed by Jimin who was smoking outside her tattoo parlor. Feeling empathy towards Katsu, Jimin gave her food and let her stay in her tiny room.

When she turned 18, her and Jimin moved to Korea where Jimin was opening a new tattoo parlor. As a few months passed by and the two became sisters, Jimin introduced Katsu to her brother, Ji Ho AKA Zico, who later invited her to join the City Streets team after she impressed him with her knowledge of street racing. 

How did you get involved:
Like stated in her background, Katsu was invited to join a street racing team. Zico, member of City Streets and Jimin's brother, had been impressed by how much Katsu knew about street racing and thought she'd be a great addition to the team. In fact, Katsu had a liking for cars and racing since she was younger. Always playing with cars and learning more about them.

Where do Your Loyalties lie:

The Crew: [ ]

NOZ (Nitrous Oxide): [ ]

City Streets: [X]

Street Lethal: [ ]

How is life with your team: Despite their tough persona during races and meetings with other gangs, Katsu treats the guys of City Streets like her own brothers. She's known as the fierce younger sister of the group along with Taemin who's like the younger brother of the gang.

Occupation/Education: Works in a tattoo parlor owned by her best friend, Woo Jimin/Homeschooled with the help of the gang when they're resting

Father | Jo Daejun | 54 | CEO | Strict, Harsh, Emotionless, Short-tempered, and ignored Katsu because he wanted a son to inherit the CEO position. | Do not get along at all, practically act like the other doesn't exist

Mother | Jo Kimiko | 53 | Fashion Designer | Strict, Workaholic, Always stressed, Paid a little attention to Katsu, and dreamt of Katsu being the 'perfect' obedient daughter who would inherit the company | Like with her father, the two do not get along at all. Only exchanging quiet hello's or nods of acknowledgement.

Brother | Jo Youngmin | 14 | Student | Smart, Obedient, 'Perfect', Quiet, Gives off an innocent and pure vibe, and gets spoiled by his parents | Doesn't even know that Katsu exists. He only finds out after snooping around the attic in their mansion.

Likes: Turtles | Cars | Tattoos | Art | Racing | Dancing | Books | Hot, Sunny Days

Dislikes: Her Parents | Dogs | Rich Kids | Cold Weather (Especially when racing) | Peanuts | Heights | Horror Movies

Hobbies: Dancing | Creating new tattoo designs | Reading | Playing with her pet turtle | Taking naps in her car

Habits: Biting her lip | Swearing in Japanese | Taking a long drive when she's upset

She has a pet turtle named Kuro
Jimin's the tattoo artist that gave her the angel wings
Hates watching the news because it usually features her family and their success
Designed the bleeding rose tattoo that she has on her shoulder
Always wears tank tops/sleeve less shirts to show off her shoulder tattoo
Wears eyeliner a lot
She is a huge chocoholic and has a sweet tooth
Loves to take selcas and photos


What's Your Style?

Casual: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 {All with jeans/shorts except #3}

Home: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 {If it's just a shirt, then she wears short shorts}

Formal: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Clubbing/Racing: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 {First 3 are clubbing, Last 3 are racing}


Social Life?


Best Friends: Woo Jimin

Personality: She's fierce, open-minded, doesn't care about what others say about her, loves to mess with her brother, and is a hard worker at the tattoo parlor

How did you meet: Stated in Katsu's background. The young Jimin saw the young Katsu as she wandered pass her tattoo parlor one night.

Friends: Lee Min Young | Lee Min Hee

Personality: The twins. They both have pretty similar personalities. Minyoung and Minhee are cheerful, creative, focused when working, and are pranksters along with Katsu and Jimin.

How did you meet: Minyoung and Minhee were also orphans, just like Katsu. Jimin found them in an alleyway and offered them a job at her tattoo parlor in Korea. That's where the twins and Katsu met.

Rival: Ahn Sohee

Personality: Snobby, Preppy, Whines a lot, short-tempered, and hates it when she doesn't get what she wants. She's like a spoiled brat.

What Happened:
Sohee, an 'independent' rich girl, is the flag girl for almost every race The Crew and City Streets participates in. She had been watching Katsu for a while and hates the fact that she's 1) Hotter than her {Though she'd never admit that} and 2) Has all the guys in street racing wrapped around her finger. That was Sohee's job in the street racing world. Another thing that makes Sohee hate Katsu's guts is that she sneaks off with Heechul every now and then, making her boil with anger since she's one of Heechul's exes.

Love Life


Love Interest:
1) Kim Heechul | The Crew
2) Lee Taemin | City Streets
3) Kwon Jiyoung | NOZ (Nitrous Oxide)

Personality: Fierce, Diva-ish, hot-headed, stubborn, and sharp-tongued. Of course, with Katsu, he's sweet, a bit kinder than his normal diva self, and would give in to her wishes.

Relationship status: Secretly Dating

How did you meet: They met at a street race, City Streets versus The Crew. It was only Katsu's second race and it was against Kim Heechul, The Crew's Face/Spokesman. A few races later, they were against each other again. This time, Katsu beat Heechul causing him to be impressed by her skill.


That's a Nice Set of Wheels


1} Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR (Given to her by City Streets)
2} Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (One of her father's cars that he left at their vacation house in Seoul)

1) 2)


Any Extras?


Questions/Concerns/Comments: Nope! Just, good luck with the story and I hope you like Katsu ^^ Also, PM me if anything's wrong~

Anything else you want me to know: She does meet Youngmin when he's older, so can you include that in? If she's picked of course :3

EDIT: I read your little review about my app and here are some clarifications ^^ - For her brother, Jo Youngmin, please think of this as a different Youngmin who doesn't have a twin named Kwangmin. And her mother visited the orphanage every now and then to give money to them just so her 'daughter' would have the best care out of all the kids. During those visits, they exchanged the nods/short hello's.

Any ideas you have for your role: Not really ^^;

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