ShinChang Q&A~~~~~~~


When/How did you get into Shinhwa?

I got to know them in this year around September~ Actually I dont know how i get into them xD maybe bcause I love Family Outing and ShinBang have an ep like family outing and I watch the ep without knowing who are they xD the I started to like Venus and Eusha! Eusha!~ Then it all started~~

Who is your favorite member? Why?

Mun Junghyuk......leesunholeeminwoojungpilgyoparkchoongjaekimdongwan.....

How did you know you were a Shinhwa Changjo?

When Im so into theeeeeem~ Im so in love with BIGBANG in kpop *yes im VIP*.. I love other groups too but Im not so into them. But then when I get to know Shinhwa.. they become my bias group other than BIGBANG~ I also download all their album hikhik all 10~ I make my bestfriends watch ShinBang~ 

Does/Has Shinhwa played a big role in your life?

Ermm... maybe yes.. or no? err i think YESS!! bcause when I saw Wifi's board or what, I always remember their thai language~ waipaii xD then when I play Anipang which I know it from them too, I always think 'Eric oppa must be jealous with me cause i got high mark' and when someone said 'mama', automatically Im gonna said 'mama' like Minwoo in ShinBang~ My pororo named Zomdy xD

List your top 5 most played Shinhwa songs.

Hurts. Weak Man. Perfect Man. Eusha! Eusha! Welcome.

What's your favorite MV?


What song(s) do you know all the words to? Can you do any of their dances?

Heheheee Perfect Man. Weak Man. Hurts. Welcome. On The Road. Venus. T.O.P. Wild Eyes. Resolver. Re-Love. Red Carpet.Be My Love. Wedding. hahahahaahahahahaha I only can dance Eusha! Eusha! and a little bit T.O.P.~

Which album to date is your favorite? Why?

The Return. I love all the songs. Thats all xD

The era that you like the best is?

The Return? xDD

Do you own any official or fan-made merchandise?

Noooooo TT.TT I dont have both but Im gonna but it at ebay~

Which Shinhwa member did you prefer during solo activities?

Junghyuk oppa.......... I know him from Spy Myeongwol~ xD at that I dont know that he is from a group name SHINHWA xDD.

List your favorite song(s) from each member. (Solo songs or featuring one of them)

Eric: This oppa doesnt have solo song xP But I love his rap in Dongwan's song My Love x)

Andy: Propose is the best!!!!!!!!!! xD

Minwoo (M): Last First Kiss~~ i molla molla why~ but I love his sweet voice x) omoo *brb fangirling*

Junjin: Mianhae oppa but I dont hear any of ur songs yet.. *gonna focus on Junjin more*

Hyesung: This guy humm~ I love Why Did You Call x) Yes totally love that~~ Ahhhhh Im hearing that song right now xDD

Dongwan: For Donghole oppa, My Love no doubt~ xD heuheu~

What variety show starring Shinhwa is your favorite?


Who do you think is the funniest? Does the best at fan service?

Can I say Eric? xDD he's so stupid just like Minwoo xD but I think Minwoo and Andy are the best at fan service? xD

Which member is closest to your ideal type? Why?

They all are not close to my ideal type.. because they smoking TT.TT But I still think Eric is the closest cause I love guy who is tall~ Junghyuk;s english daebak~! His rap skill x) iloverapper.. I love guy who love his pet so much.. *Gomdori* I love guy who is look hot and cool but actually they are dork and love to do aegyo xD like dongwoo,gd xD

What song(s) by Shinhwa would you like to see made into an MV? Describe what you would like to watch.

Hurts.. I want Dongwan as the lead xDD I want to watch Dongwan sad and frustrated again like in Crazy xDDDDD

Who would you like to see cover a Shinhwa song?

I want to see Teen Top cover Shinhwa song.. Any song~~~!!! And I want 2AM cover Hurts xDD hikhik

If you could have one member perform for you, who would it be and what would they do?

I want to see heart dance liveeeee from Zomdyyyyyyyyyyy TT.TT *daydreaming*

At this time, no member has married yet. Who do you think will be the first? How would you react?

Oh eh uh ih err maybe Junjin? aish molla.. Maybe Im gonna be happy for him? xD or Im gonna kill myself xDD jk p/s: Eric please wait for me xD 19 years apart is doesnt matter xDD

If Shinhwa breaks up, how would you react?

No no no no TT.TT They not gonna break up! With Shinhwa Company itself.. They have been through lots of difficulties together and I think they themselves donest want to break up. Just like Minwoo said in Win Win that he want to be with Shinhwa for 15,16,17,18,19,20 years more :') I thanked to Eric for make such a good move back there to move to the other company just bcause they want Shinhwa to be Shinhwa. TT.TT I think Im going to be moody for a year if they break up. But I dont think they gonna break with their strong friendship.. and Eric leadernesssssssss x_x

List a few reasons you love Shinhwa.

Err I love Shinhwa because they are cute and they have their own skill that makes me melt. They are funny. Their friendship. *blurr* -to be continued-

Leave a personal message directed towards Shinhwa.

Dear Shinhwa~ Please be together for more than 20 years just like Minwoo want.. Please be healthy. I always want you guys to stop smoking. Get enough rest. MUN JUNGHYUK you dont work too much *I know that you're a ceo but please take care of ur health* And I hope there's no more accident bout you guys.. no more stage accident okay Pilgyo? TT.TT You dont know how much I cried bcause of that :'( Ahh Do more cute and sad songs okay? xD If one of you guys sick, others can make better right? ^^ Ahh and Eric Minwoo Andy Junjin Hyesung please stop bullying Dongwan xDDD Eventhough Im just being Shinhwa Chango for 3 months but I still love you guys like I know you guys for 14 years *_* Stay 5. Love Shinhwa forever~ <3



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