hello hello *shinee version* long time no see all! i have dissapeared for a long time! mian! well i have read "48 hours" fanfiction. wow i like that ff. feel like i must study from the author of that ff. but i love to watch horror movies, i think the story is inspired by "Cabin In the Woods" don't you think so? maybe you ask me why do you think like that?


  1. the villa
  2. the basement
  3. mind control
  4. weird things
  5. mirror
  6. camera

but i don't say the author copies that movie's idea. it's only my O-P-I-N-I-O-N ! but the author is so creative and she can make the reader curious and guess the story but the story can't be guessed! why do i say mind control? just read that ff don't you think that all moments are caused by themselves. don't you think that there's a person who tries to make it like that? and makes it look like it just happens naturally? but i think Kris must be stressed out! i can't imagine if i am him. but we can learn many good things from that ff! GREAT! 

link of that ff english ver >> 


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