ok, what's wrong with this?

what's wrong with be 12 and a Shawol? (or any fandom that I like.)

I'm 12 and proud of it. I'm more mature then your average 12 year old. and I'm not annoyoing.



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because most 12 year olds are ____ ___ annoying
coercion #2
Me too. LOL.
;-; Did someone tell you it was wrong though?
They must be jealous because they're not as young.
I was reading / watching when I was 9. You're cool.
did someone tell ur that is wrong? o.O if they did then they are an idiots age doesnt matter in the fandoms ==
Baby, anyone who tells you that you're too young to like a particular thing is the immature one. -.- you act a lot older than your age, and you're far more mature. You like what you like and who you like. Anyone else who thinks otherwise can just stfu.
Who told you that?! My sister told me the samething and i'm 15, there's nothing wrong, maybe you shouldn't watch some of there stage solo thingie's cause there bad, but that's just me being a Unnie!^^ Don't listen to those peep's!~
Bwoh? There's nothing wrong with it!
SHINee reaches to all age groups. <3