Lore Nerds, Arise! [Facebook Freelance Roleplay]

A bit of an odd cookie within AFF context, but shooting your shot is always worth it!

We are a group of three writers/roleplayers that are essentially looking for more lore nerds like ourselves! For some context, we were part of a group roleplay that ended up being closed, the setting is a fictional world where a masterxslave business exists, and is directly tied to the government. Since we don't aim to plagiarise any content from the original group rp admins, we will either be renaming the world, or having our characters move to a different continent within the same planet/universe, which we can build from scratch while keeping our own lore. Up for discussion!

For the longest time we have been focused on the fantasy aspect of the roleplay/world, and we are heavily focused on lore/character/world-building. We naturally use faceclaims for our characters, so you are free to do that as well. Asian or western, female or male, it doesn't matter, as long as they are not problematic irl! Since this is a form of freelance roleplaying, there are no activity rules or pressure to be online, so you can always follow your own schedule! We are busy adults with real life demands, too, so we are not online all the time either, so be mindful of that. Additionally, I failed to mention that they are supernatural/hybrid characters, the races of which we more or less built ourselves. So you are free to get your creative juices flowing, as well! We greatly value creativity and realism, so be mindful of god-modding and making your characters too OP. Multidimensional is what we generally go for!

In terms of literacy etc. a good paragraph or five of them will do, there is really no cap, but we do tend to shy away from one-liners. No crack/text roleplaying, 3rd pov is mandatory, and we cannot stress the distinction between OOC and IC enough. Absolutely no mixing will be tolerated, as we view our characters as just that: fictional characters. We are not them, and we refuse to bring IC into OOC, and vice versa.

Another thing I would like to note: While we do have our accounts centered around our main characters, we are essentially multi-muse, since we tend to create characters and NPCs galore, so the world will feel more alive! You are free to do that as well. You can use any old FB account you have, as long as it's not a personal one, and it has previously been used strictly for roleplay purposes. You don't need to clean your account or hide anything if you are going for a new character, but you can of course do just that, if it would make you feel more comfortable.

And I think that's it (I'm sure there's something I've failed to mention)! It's a long shot, but it's worth a try. If anyone is interested, you can either comment below, or send me a PM for clarifications, the races, fc questions, etc. Looking forward to hearing from some of you! Fingers crossed!

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