☆゚.*・。゚ Yang Xinyi is Going Through the Looking Glass


Birthname Yang Xinyi
nicknames here, delete if none. include who calls them this
Birthdate here
hometown here
ethnicity Taiwanese
nationality dual Taiwanese-Korean citizenship
faceclaim (g)i-dle's Shuhua
height & weight 162cm, 52kg
Appearance here generalities and differences from FC. doesn't need to be deep
style Elegant, rich without having the need to shout it. All sleek neutrals, blazers and jackets and tailored pants. Black and white are her favorite, with a bold yet elegant red lip.
Personality Odette and Odile dance together, a dangerously beautiful duet that threatens to swallow Xinyi whole
Background remember, they need to be in seoul by the time the story starts and have had to have been in seoul long enough to befriend the others
Relationships anyone relevant, format how you like, but ensure you include their relationship to your character. if they are an npc, please inlcude FC and brief personality.
Trivia format however you like. anything you think might give me some fun insight into the character. 
love interest probably Geoul, unless there's a better fit/more interesting dynamic going on within the story
Age 21
occupation apprentice
personality here as relevant
love story here, surprise me. write out the ending if you want to or just give me a general idea of where i should take them. im a er for a good lovestory ;;
Closing comments tell me anything else you would like! scene requests, 
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