i finally remembered!

my memory has not been well since birth. it was so frustrating when i forgot about the psychological au i've been planning to write. and while writing this, when i already thought of a new one, i remembered the previous plot that i planned and realized that it's not fit in the psychological thriller genre and it's more of a fantasy genre.

anyway, as soon as i finish bloom, and the twitter au (i'm gonna time skip so i can finish it this year or before thesis writing starts), then i'll focus on this one. maybe i should graduate first so my knowledge about this specific mental disorder won't be embarassing like the first one i wrote lol.

not sure why i'm adding this one but i slept for almost 11 hours! i dreamed about really weird people. i want to write the details here but nevermind.

have a good day to whoever will see this! :>

- nabi


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