a rant about bloom

bloom is supposed to be a short story, an addition to my winrina one-shot collection with three parts because it's THAT long. but as i discussed with my friend that day, the idea grew and now i have so many plans for this story. i wrote this with one thing in my mind and... that is to write for spring. besides that, this pair (karina - winter) fits the genre so much. oddly enough, an old drawing inspired me to write this, it was from an unknown anime. all i know is that the guy's eye is a flower and it's bleeding sort of. a weird dream inspired me to write this, too (though the plot of that dream and this story are different).ย also, this very important person loves spring the most even if she's kinda allergic to dust/pollen (based on what i remember). so, two things in my mind while writing. even if i'm not done writing yet (still have to dissect a frog for a subject, please bear with me), i promised myself that i'll finish this one before summer. i don't know why i'm putting my all into this (even planning a manga with my friends), but we'll see if this will be worth every backpain.

i'll update as soon as i'm free!

- nabi

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