*insert friendly wave here*

Hello everyone! I hope you've been well~ Sorry for completely vanishing once more (especially after claiming "I AM BACK" yikes), life has been... hard. Depression . But isn't like that sometimes? ^^

It's been a while I've written anything but I never forgot about this story. It remained in the back of my mind and I keep thinking about it lately... I'll try picking it up again and rewrite it so I can make it to be the story I've wanted it to be. This time around I won't say when will that be to not give you false expectations but I will try my best to bring you something great as soon as I can. I wouldn't want to leave you hanging again! :)

Until then, keep K-popping (I'm old, can you tell? lol), love EXO ❤ and take care.
Wish you all the best and hopefully see you soon!



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