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Feel free to talk to me! I may seem intimidating but I'm not, I promise :D
If you're a fellow writer and love EXO, definitely hmu!


My stories:

Neon Heart

"Shim Hayoon, as class president of 2/C, is asked to take care of the new girl in school by the name of Do Kyungsoo. Turns out, Do Kyungsoo is not a girl and he doesn't need anyone's help. Too bad, Hayoon is always up for a challenge."
Ship: EXO D.O. (Kyungsoo) // Shim Hayoon (OC)
Genre: high school!au, romcom
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About Me

Ro // 27 I'm almost 30 omg
Lazy writer, music lover, catwhisperer
Ult: EXO (I'm a simple girl~)
Current favorite Kpop song: STAYC "Stereotype"
Current favorite Kpop MV: Do Han Se "TAKE OVER"
Current favorite non-Kpop song: Dua Lipa "Love Again"
Asian drama i'm currently watching: "The Tasty Florida"