K-Drama - Ji Chang Wook - Rating

I just wanted to share it, and I will probably post similar blogs in the near future. K-Drama addict, what can I say. XD

Ji Chang Wook ( Bias wrecker )

1. Healer 

One of the first dramas I watched without previously knowing any of the actors or actresses at that time. I usually do a background check before deciding on what to watch, but for unknown reasons, I just pressed play with this one. Did I regret it? No ma'am! 

The plot was amazing, and the chemistry they all had was fantastic. His character really grew on me and it allowed him to show his skills. It's obvious that he gives 100% into what he is doing and there is a reason why I placed this drama as number one on my list. I won't give out any spoilers but I highly recommend it for those of you who haven't watched it. 


2. The K2

K2 follows right after Healer. In this drama, he was partnered up with Yoona (Girls Generation) and the chemistry that those two had during the filming was great. They matched together and as the series progressed their characters were developed even more. There was a bit of everything, action, romance, family, relations, etc.  A perfect fit without overdoing it or making it too dramatic.


2. Suspicious Partner

Another drama of his, where he also plays the main role. A bit funny, a bit grumpy, a bit of romance, mystery, crime, etc. It all fits in very well and keeps your attention till the end. 


Now those are the tops three, but that doesn't mean that the other dramas or movies he was in aren't good. They are, but the three I mentioned are special to me. Of course, we all like different ones.

Here are some of his other dramas and movies: 

Melting me softly
Backstreet Rookie
Lovestruck in the city
Death bell 2: Blood Camp
Fabricated City
Two Policemen

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