Some people really don't deserve pets...

1. Pets are NOT for kids

2. Pets are NOT a toy

3. Pets HAVE emotions

4. Pets NEED love, devotion, and time

5. If you can't give them a loving home, then you don't need them 


A few days ago I discovered a terrible sight when I went outside to take the garbage out. Next to the garbage, there was a cardboard box and I usually wouldn't pay much attention to it if I didn't notice my neighbor's cat circling around it. So, you know what they say curiosity killed the cat. I decided to walk over and see what was all the fuss about and as I open the box I find a cage. 

In the cage, there were 6 hamsters. Two of them were Russian breed and four were Chinese. Five females, one male. Some idiot threw them out like they were some old item that he/she didn't need anymore. So, I took them in (I had to take them in, I just didn't have the heart to leave them), and now they are part of my small family that consists of: 

1. Two Thai fighter fish

2. Two Degu's

3. Two Syrian hamsters

4. One Russian hamster 

So now, when I add these 6 hamsters it is a total of 13 pets, and it's really not a problem to take care of all those cages, but it's a shame what kind of society we have become. 

How can one throw out a living thing? Just because they are animals it doesn't mean that they have no emotions, no feelings. We need to take care of them and I really despise people who buy an animal under the excuse that they love animals and then they throw them out. 

I grew up with all sorts of animals like dogs, cats, fish, ferrets, hamsters, mice, rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, etc. And not once did my family or I think about throwing them out. I even volunteered in shelters, so honestly, I don't understand people who do such things. 

Pets are not to be bought for kids because they can't take care of them. They are NOT a toy. But some people have no freaking emotions and it's sad -.- 

Congrats! We have become a wonderful society! 

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