Looking for the Jongin to my Minseok (sugar daddy au)


Hello all! I'm trying my new rp bestie!


I'm looking for a Jongin to play against my Minseok. Please don't hit me up with top/bottom stuff, because I dislike when characters are reduced to a position :(


I have a rather well thought out plot with characters who have personality and backstories(ish). I'm hoping for this to be longterm, so that the characters can really grow. Despite the relationship of the characters, I think will only come on later. This is not a rp. So, I'm looking for someone who would like to commit to slow burn and frequent replies so we can get somewhere!


Here are my requirements: Kakaotalk, 3rd person pov, past tense, 150-300 words per reply (basically above the kkt character limit), good grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and all, and since I'm


I would also like someone who doesn't ghost me. I'm completely fine with stopping the rp if you want, but if you disappear out of nowhere, ignore me, or block me, I find it very hurtful :(

Thank you for reading this far if you did. 

Have a good day/night, and looking forward to hearing from you, or if you know a person who might be interested, please let them know!


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