♡ 김주석&김주헌 is 독고주's future.

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birthname. dokgo joo 독고주

juju / jju   basic names used by close friends, and eventually the other ladies of the house.
juice   called by namjoon in exclusivity. this is her contact name in his phone. he says that she is the reason he started putting so much energy into everything he does.
chewy   coined by namjoon and referred to by him and seungwan. a play on her name for her continuous eating habits.
ama   called by jooseok and jooheon. unlike the traditional 'eomma' - while teaching the boys what to call her, this is what has always came out their mouths.
kimjoo / mrs. kim   called by the other mothers. when joo and namjoon started dating, they would tease joo about the becoming "mrs. kim".
mukgo joo   called by anyone that has ever known joo. it's a play on her name because she is always eating/snacking.

birthdate. august 3, 1995 (25)
HOMETOWN. ilsan, gyeonggi, sk

before twins   part-time bartender (arena)
after twins   webtoon artist/writer (mystical), part-time barista (tlj)


korean   native tongue. seoul standard dialect.
english   advanced. her pronunciation was natural. with the help of namjoon, she was able to perfect her grammar.

faceclaim. bae joohyun (irene)

joo has a birthmark on the back of her right knee; the shape kind of resembles a heart. her favorite thing about her face is the beauty mark she has above her lip. she has matching tattoos with both of her best friends. the one with seungwan is on her left rib: joo got sailor mars and seungwan got sailor saturn. the one with yoongi is on her left forearm: joo got an silhouette of gon and yoongi got an silhouette of killua (hxh).

STYLE. click.



dokgo joo's dream is to become an esteemed writer, known for her creativity. since giving birth to her loving sons, she had to put that dream on the back burner and a new one sprouted. she wanted to give her boys a life without too much on their shoulders. she did not hesitate on letting go of a social life, if it meant catering to the two most important men of her life. she believes as an independent woman, she can do anything she puts her mind to.


the good   loyal, dedicated, dependable, venturesome, self-driven
the bad   outspoken, sarcastic, brusque, self-critical, passionate
the neutral   independent, stubborn, haughty, slightly obsessive
imagery   gryffindoor, friends monica geller, how i met your mother robin scherbatsky, 10 things i hate about you kat stratford, aot mikasa


1995 joo was born as an only child to workaholic, absent parents go moogyun and song heerim.

2001 her parents provided a comfortable childhood for joo, but she craved their attention and love. she was practically raised by her best friend, seungwan's, mother.

2009 she was recognized as a gifted student, academically surpassing most of her classmates.

2012 joo applied for early admission to a few universities. she was accepted to sungshin women's university on full academic scholarship.

2013 joo (18) left her childhood home and disowned her parents. they never really acted like she was family anyway. she moved to seoul to live on campus and soon was able to get her own little apartment.

2014 her biggest distraction yet. (see baby father section)

2018 the most hurtful heartbreak and her greatest blessing. (see baby section)


♡ her favorite food is kimchi fried rice with seaweed.
♡ her favorite snack are pepero (any flavor) and shrimp chips.
♡ sweet pickled radish is her favorite side dish.
♡ on the contrary, she doesn't really eat dessert. just maybe the occasional ice lolly with her kids.
♡ she is really close to being diagnosed with legal blindness. she can barely function without her glasses or contacts.
♡ drawing has always been an outlet for her. something outside her academic acheivements that no one really knew about.
♡ joo has a dust allergy, so she is always wiping things down to ensure she isn't sneezing left and right.
♡ she has a bad habit of tapping her fingers when she's in deep thought or is dazing off.


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nonchalant, meticulous, blunt, knowledgeable
"i should be compensated for all the consulting and therapy i provide you."

yoongi isn't the main character, he's the laidback villain that will hit you where it hurts - everytime. it's a good thing he's on joo's side because that mouth of his is dangerous. they met in university. they were partners in science classes of their first and second year. they hit it off. before joo met namjoon, yoongi was deemed joo's in-public boyfriend aka her male chaperone to keep her safe from creeps. yoongi and joo's relationship is, for the most part, like brother-sister. they are constantly at each other's neck one moment and then having a deep heart-to-heart the next; however, they will always team up against an outside force. their personalities seem so similar yet are different variances from each other, like joo is chaotic neutral and yoongi is true neutral. they are a dangerous pair to cross because yoongi doesn't necessarily have  a filter and speaks from his heart while joo is calculating and can be very backhanded with her words. he was there in place of seungwan, especially as a male presence when taking her to her doctor appointments.

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dopey, supportive, loving, gluttonous
"hey, joo - is your refrigerator running?" seungwan snorts. joo facepalms.

if seungwan isn't the main character, she's the comedic relief friend. she always means well, but sometimes the things she says and does aren't the brightest. seungwan's staple is puns. seungwan is joo's eating partner-in-crime. they are always on the hunt for the good eats. the two are always laughing. their favorite thing to do, besides eating together, was people watching and creating a life for the people they observed. they've been friends pretty much since the beginning of time. they've lived in the same neighborhood since they were kids. seungwan is the sister joo never had. they were glued to each other at the hip from 1st grade of primary school until they graduated high school. they were unfortunately separated when joo chose to stay in seoul to continue her studies while seungwan chose to go abroad. they continued to stay in touch via facetime. seungwan constantly beats herself up over the fact that she isn't in korea to support joo during her journey to become a mother.


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BABIES. kim jooseok 김주석 & kim jooheon 김주헌

seok / heon   a basic shortened version of their names. may be called by any anyone acquainted with the boys.
tweedle dee & dum   with the way the boys play with each other or how they make other laugh, they could be a true comedic duo.
thing 1 & thing 2   they are little balls of energy. joo calls them this when she is fed up with them playing, usually when it's time to put them down for a nap or for bedtime. otherwise, they are perfectly behaved children.

birthdate. october 13, 2018 (3)
BIRTHPLACE. ilsan, gyeonggi, sk
FACECLAIM. lee seoeon and lee seojun


JOOSEOK the suite life of zack & cody zack, gravity falls mabel, stepbrothers dale, wizards of waverly pl alex, drake & josh drake, hyperactive, sociable, impulsive

JOOHEON the suite life of zack & cody cody, gravity falls dipper, stepbrothers brennan, wizards of waverly pl justin, drake & josh josh, clingy, intelligent, shy


♡ the boys were born a month prematurely (orginally due november 14).
♡ the twins are afraid of the dishwasher.
♡ they are allergic to cats and most berries.
♡ jooseok likes cantaloupes and honeydew.
♡ jooheon likes grapes and bananas.
♡ heon is an absolute mama's boy while seok is able to be independent from his mom.
♡ jooheon forms better sentences than jooseok
♡ jooseok's favorite uncle/auntie is seungwan, while jooheon's favorite is yoongi.


as the twins grow older, joo wants to maintain a healthy relationship with her sons. she wants to set normalcy in them that they should never be scared to come to her for help. as a first time mother of two and a single mom on top, who's to say she isn't stressed out? she is so grateful that her boys aren't like wild animals, but she doesn't give herself enough credit. the boys love her very much, that goes to say they are only 2 years old.



"alright." she adjusts herself in the chair. "hello, i am dokgo joo. i am 24 years old and i currently work from home."


joo turns to look into the next room, where her sons are playing. "they are kim jooseok and kim jooheon. jooseok is the elder twin by 12 minutes. my beautiful boys just turned 2 years old a few weeks back." she smiles. "they are a handful at times, that being there are two of them. it just means i have yet to experience a dull day."


she taps her chin, in thought. "i guess i've always aspired to be a successful, independent woman. i've been praying for my webtoon to go kind of viral." she nods, in realization. "oh i also want to be an outstanding mother to my children. wait, i am a bomb mom."


"it means to be completely selfless." she tousles through her hair with her fingers. "you don't put yourself before your children. you give them the opportunities to become the best people they can be. you love them unconditionally. you are meant to be your child's number one fan and no one can take that away from you."


"i feel honored. i am very impressed. i am very grateful. i'm almost speechless. this is a great program to have. and the slogan? brilliant. the fact that it's about mothers coming together and having each other's backs is top notch. only a mother knows what another mother is going through." she shrugs with exasperation. "i'd honestly struggle with pursuing my dream of writing and be a good mother, if it weren't for together."


"i truly hope that there won't be any drama. i doubt there will be; i think i'm a team player and there isn't a problem i can't solve, but also we will all know that being a single mother isn't easy and we don't have the time for petty drama. i think it'll be like having the sisters i never had. it'll take off a load of stress."

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LOVE INTEREST. kim namjoon
BIRTHDATE. september 12, 1994 (26)
OCCUPATION. marketing specialist (h&m korea)


imagery   hello baby onew, hufflepuff, how i met your mother ted mosby, the office jim halpert, haikyuu kuroo

love story. 

y'all shall see this develop.

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BABY FATHER. kim seokjin
BIRTHDATE. december 4, 1992 (28)
OCCUPATION. teaching assistant (institute of culinary education)


imagery   gordan ramsay with kids, parks & rec andy dwyer, gryffindoor, friends chandler bing, haikyuu oikawa


the beauty of joojin began after joo started at sungshin women's university. jin was attending nearby at korea university. they both frequented a study cafe located in the middle of their campuses. one fateful morning, they were the only customers - catching up on some assignments. jin caught sight of joo first, she was immersed in her work. initially, he got up to purchase another cup of coffee. instead, he started to make his way toward her table. he quickly turned around and made it seem like he was pacing because joo had gotten up to grab something to eat while she waited for a document to download. she smiled as she walked past him to the counter.

to catch her attention, he paid for her breakfast along with a refreshing drink. joo invited jin over to her table to continue their work and get to know each other in between, which jin happily accepted. for the next few months, jin had planned some very romantic dates. february 14, 2015, they finally made things official and dated for the next 3 years.

their relationship was smooth for the most part. they were in the honeymoon stage for the first 2 years. they never had any major fights. all arguments were never left unsettled. joo provided a soothing place for jin since he was usually stressed out from schoolwork, while jin provided a fun environment since joo was usually either doing schoolwork or writing her novel. the third year, they were apart most of the time since jin was preparing for his graduation and networking to find work.

their last anniversary was filled with lots of passion. jin knew he was going to have to leave her, so he thought giving her a night or two or three filled with pleasure would be something good to remember him by. he felt guilty about having to leave her behind, but he knew it would be worse to keep her hanging by a thread since he'd definitely be very busy with work. almost a month goes by with her not enjoying the foods she used to eat and her sense of smell had gotten stronger. to joo's dismay, their little 3-day rendezvous conceived a child (children, to be exact).

the breakup seemed straight out of a k-drama. jin hoped she would've taken the news of his opportunity a little better, but he understood where she was coming from. the time they spent together was the greatest love experience jin had. joo was distraught: how was she gonna raise a kid on her own.

the ending. 

aht! aht! no spoilers, gotta leave SOME things to the imagination.

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password. seokheon

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