LF: twitter hotties.


made a new twitter, come say hi. (mdni!)


hey, life has been very hard lately, but i would really like to take my mind off everything. in that spirit, i made a new twitter fl and now i'm looking for mutuals. 

i'll be honest, i'm mainly looking for people who are: 

1. single/in open relationships, nsfw, dom/switches. 

2. open to a fwbs sort of situation! i'm very no strings attached, and very non-dating so i'm not looking for anything romantic. but c*m on my face, anyway? after you my throat, of course. 

3. semi-lit ish? you don't have to be a literate god, but because i'm looking to around, we have to be able to plot a little. i'm not a fan of excessive crack talk and emoji speech, to be honest. a keysmash or two from time to time is okay, though. 

4. no strings attached. please, please only respond to my ad if you're okay with ing around with no feelings involved. i'll be your friend, but that's it. just because i let you bend me over doesn't mean we're dating, babe. <3 

5. what else? your fc can be anyone, i have no preference as long as they're legal. any tz is okay too, since my sleep schedule is messed up. 

psa: i'm a submissive!vers, so do keep that in mind. i'm not interested in domming anyone, but i'm also not "uwu baby hehe" as you can probably tell. very and very obedient, though, so come find out? mwah. 

pm/comment your twitter. alternatively, i'm open to discord or kkt as well. 

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