Dayoff Bliss

So it's been a while of absence, and no content from me, and I wanted to apologize because doing what I  used to enjoy a lot seems to bite me nowadays. I don't know, maybe the lack of rest and too much stress messes with my brain so I'm losing this battle of depression idk, whatever it is I don't want to lose to it, so here I am, writing piece by piece even in samll amounts to get the ideas going. As for my story subscribers I'm writing buts by bits of my stories and I'm trying my best because heck, I don't want to force myself into writing ugly contents. 

Anyways, the point is, I'm trying to unwind little by little every dayoff (starting today) to get back on track haha. 

So here are the tasks I've done today as I've lazied in the house you all might or might not be curious about. 

1. Grooming
- Yep, guys you heard right. I cut my nails, remove hairs (does it sound gross? NVM I never mentioned any revolting idea around this word, it's your choice whatever you want to wish) clean my ears, etc., All about grooming myself that I've been too very busy these past few days to go through thoroughly and lemme say it felt refreshing guys. 


2. Prepared a home cooked-meal
- okay, not literally home-cooked but a meal decent enough to eat for the home-alone person because my mom and my sister went out and I was left alone because I'm too tired to even lift a finger (XD does that even make sense? Haha again, NVM)

3. Clean my space
- okay, as for this one, I have a corner in the house where I put most of my recreational stuffs there, and nobody (I really mean no one) touches that except me, idk. So, I did the honor of removing pile up dust after I heard momma nagging to me about cleaning that. I mean I always go home late, how would I know if there's a thick dust? Right. 

Mother's, really. Anyways I love her to the fullest so I let her nag at me hahahahah

I guess that's it for today? May we meet again on my next days off. 



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Wow. I wish I was this productive! Seems like it was great! I hope you feel refreshed!