Day 329 of 366


Okay, so I don't know where I got the urge to write today's happenings down, but yeah, I'm doing it right now so yeah. XD

First off, I remember telling you guys that I'm trying to heal myself that's why I'm taking a break from everything. Becsus, I can't write things with much vigor as I used to, and in thinking that my condition is what's hindering me from writing simple things. 

And I'm still struggling with that, btw. I know some of you might start thinking that I'm an attention seeker but I'm not writing for fame or any comments, y'all, just making the blogs I write a personal journal for myself because I can't own one. And if ever I did, my family will look into my things and end up making fun of me, which is by the way, not a great reaction to someone who's struggling psychologically. 

Anyways, here's what happened. I remembered going home very late due to my shift, only to discover that our wifi connection was lost, so it means any ways to reach all over the globe XD is not accessible right now. 

And for starters, I had a very good sleep. Why? Because I never get to open up my son's account and see a toxic news feed. 

Second, no wifi means no access to our work's viber account where people know nothing other than critiquing that one thing you did wrong even if you made a million good things. 
Third, since I never got the wifi connection we used to have, I ended up watching videos I've saved in my phone, just vibin to the music on my device and chilling my day off. 

You know what guys? I even get the chance to eat properly, because I wasn't distracted of all the deadlines, the community toxicity and all other stuffs that make me stressed. 

So, that all leads to this realization;

When I'm at home, I'll learn to turn off my wifi connection/app notification and just do whatever the hell I want. 

Thank you guysss!!!

Hope that the next time your notification pops up, it was finally a new chapter to my abandoned works! 

See ya in a bit muah~
P.s. don't get stressed. Stressing over trivial things . 

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