Updates and an apology for being slow

Hey, y'all, you probably don't know me but I'm Xiaoxiao, or jongkey_krisho. I'm the same person on AO3 and wattpad fyi. 

But anyways, so I kind of disappeared on social media? I had reddit, twitter and insta but my accounts got deleted/password changed, so I apologized anyone who tried to contact me through it. However, you guys can message me here! Feel free to. 

So anyways, on the updates. As I've said, NONE of my stories are discontinued or on hiatus, I'm just really slow on updated. Including three stories that aren't on AFF and Wattpad (a multifandom fic, a verkwan fic, and a greatguys fic - only because I haven't made book covers yet, oof; they're only on AO3), I have a total of 11 works in progress, which is a LOT. I don't like to update on story more than another, so I try to update the ones who have gone the longest without an update. 

At first, I was able to handle so much stories, but I have a lot of struggles with my job, chores and also I'm finally taking classes again, so I've been a bit slow. I'm really sorry about this, and I understand if you guys have lost interest. However, one thing about me is that, basically, I can't STAND stuff that won't be continued anymore. I know it's not always the author's fault but I promised not to be one who leaves stories unfinished, no matter how cringy I think a story has turned out (*cough coug Sharp Blood of Angels* - that fic was my first, i care about it but I am SO BAD with the plot of the story). 

Anyways, currently I'm writing new chapters for Staggering Fall of Youth, The Village in the Forest, and How My Brother and I Kidnapped an Assasin. I'm hoping to be able to update at least one or two stories today and try to get back on track.

Remember to stay safe peeps!! Sorry I'm not vocal as much on AFF, its usually AO3 on author's note. I'll try to write blogs more often! I didn't know this was a thing.

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