Fics Ending and when their series will be continuing.

Hey, guys, it's Xiaoxiao aka jongkey_krisho. I just wanted to give you guys some updates on some fics that I'm going to be finishing. All of these are part of series, so the universes aren't ending, but I do want to talk about them. 

The three closest to finishing are

-"How 21 Students Saved the World" (nct+soonhoon highschool saving the world from aliens au). Currently at 22 out of 25 chapters, with a new chapter being posted today or tomorrow (hopefully)

-"The Village in the Forest" (multifandom ships, abo, uprising, title kind of explanotory, etc). Currently at 19 out of 25 chapters, I just updated it recently so new chapter will probably be next week. 

-"How Chae Hyungwon Stole My Heart" (monsta x hyunghyuk? i think that's the ship name, nontraditional abo, highschool au), 17 out of 25 chapters. Plan on updating end of this week, hopefully. 


I don't know when these stories will be ending (I like to update once a week but it's been a bit difficult recently, I'm sorry), but instead of jumping into the new books in the series right away, I'll probably take a while after they end. Usually I start writing books after intense daydreaming and start publishing when I feel ready. I kind of have ideas for the last two fics, but it's not really well-developed yet and I don't want to rush it, so it'll take a while (maybe 3 or 4 months). As for the Nct one, I think the sequel will be updated first, probably a month or two after the first fic ends; I have been thinking of that book's plot since the beginning.


I know these stories aren't that popular here, but there are still some readers out there very dear to me and I didn't want to leave you guys out. I really do enjoy every story I write, including the cringy ones, and I didn't want to leave you guys wondering what happened to the series.


Stay safe peeps! 

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