The "joy" of writing for a small fandom

It's no secret that I love Weki Meki and have written tons of fanfic about them. I've had a lot of fun doing it, and people seem to have enjoyed my fics. But my problem is this: Weki Meki fandom is a small fandom. I could probably get a lot more hits, comments, and upvotes if I was writing about a more popular group. I was thinking about this this morning: I have a new fic I want to start. I could write it as a Weki Meki fic, but I could almost as easily change a few things and write it about Twice or Red Velvet or some other group. (Red Velvet is about the lower limit as far as group size.) So there's my dilemma: Do I keep writing in the small fandom I love, or do I write for a group that's my ult bias group because that's what the "market" wants? I'd love to hear any thoughts anybody has about this. Do you write in a small fandom? How do you feel about that? Have you ever written (or considered writing) a story about a more popular group just for the hits?  

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