what does australia taste like?


So I raised a random question to my friends about what Australia might taste like. One batch of friends asked me if I was drunk and then we decided to stop talking about it cuz the mafia was listening to us. The second batch helped me get some input.

So I asked them "Do you guys think Australia tastes good? Or does it taste like a soggy cracker?". And in my defense, it's completely possible and no one can tell me otherwise.

We ended up coming to the conclusion that Australia tastes like delicate seafood on ritz crackers. North America tastes like those microwaveable burritos that are hot from the outside but cold from the inside. Antarctica is a popsicle or vanilla icecream with chocolate chips (the penguins). And Russia is stale bread. 

Idek how we got here but we did and the conversation was very enlightening. 

So now you guys tell me, what do you think Australia tastes like? Delicate seafood on ritz crackers or soggy crackers? And what about the other continents?


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