Woahhhh.....its been nearly a year since I last wrote something over here? Man I have grown so much as a person. Life happened and it got in the way of me spazzing over exo and getting my job done. So anyways.....Kai Solo. Now if that is not a cultural reset, I don't know what else is. Everything abt the album is "chef's kiss". The cinematic quality, the choreography and omg the VOCALS?!? To those who doubted his singing ability, go stub a toe. He can outsing your fave. So yeah Kyungsoo and Minseok are coming back and I AM NERVOUS?!? I DON'T KNOW HOW TO REACT!! Plus I dunno if anyone else is into Thai BLs but i recently got myself into BrightWin fandom. You know? The exceptionally hot and talented duo from 2gether series? It got so big that apparently it is now considered mainstream stuff. Bright and Win reminds me so much of EXO from growl era. It looks like they would fit right in next to Kyungsoo and Baekhyun, if they were to be members in a kpop group. ~The DiamondMaiden
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